How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up while Riding a Motorcycle?

Nothing can beat the feeling of riding a motorcycle on the roads on a sunny, bright, and breezy day. For the riders, it is more like an addiction! Sometimes, some of them call it Freedom of Life, and they are not wrong, indeed.

Ted Hughes once said– “Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for. For every profit in one thing, payment in some other things. For every life, a death. Even your music, of which we have heard so much, that had to be paid for. Your wife was the payment for your music. Hell is now satisfied.”

Likewise, experiencing unbeatable joy and excitement do not come free. Some risky stuff is associated with it, too, which might arise at any time out of riding a motorcycle. Fogging up your motorcycle glasses underneath the helmet is one of them.

Of course, fogged glasses are quite annoying. Motorcycling might not be as comfortable as you expect due to fogged up glasses. Even they might turn your thrilling riding experience into horrible! Fogged up glasses can be extremely dangerous that causes severe accidental injuries, even death.

So, it is essential to know how to stop glasses from fogging up. In this writeup, we have illustrated some of the precautionary measures herein below that might help you to prevent your glasses from being fogged up.

Measure 1 – Short Term Solution

The most basic and probably the easiest way to stop fogging up your motorcycle glasses is to pop your motorcycle goggles sometimes to let the air in. The fog, if not too much, will automatically be removed this way.

Of course, you should pop the glasses when stopped for whatever reasons, such as stuck at traffic or drinking water beside the road. Never do this while you are still on your ride. Playing with the eyewear is extremely dangerous when having trips.

But this is not a permanent or long-term solution. You might even need to clean your eyewear immediately at the time when you are riding your bike on the road! So, you should have a more permanent preventive measure that would not be cumbersome while you are on your ride.

Measure 2 – Long-Term Solution

By long-term or permanent measures, we mean the use of fog-protective goggles or glasses. But if you want a more affordable solution, consider using some anti-fog products on your regular motorcycle glasses. These products can play a significant role in confirming that fog can’t affect your glasses while riding on a motorbike.

The process is pretty simple – take some balm, apply that to your goggles or glasses, and rug – it will stay free from fog all day long. Most of these balms are anti-fog lens cleaner, and they are safe for all types of lenses. So, you do not need to fear about applying them on your motorcycle glasses.

Anti-fog treatments are available in liquid or spray form too. You need to put a drop of liquid solution to the lenses and spread that evenly. Clean the extra amount of solution with a soft microfiber cloth.

There is another way of preventing your goggles from fogging permanently – by applying a permanent anti-fog coating on your goggles or sunglasses. This process offers a chemical coating on both sides of the lenses, which works thoroughly down to the micro-level. Applying this coating will give you relief from the regular application of balm of solution.

Some Tips

  • Make sure your glasses are not too loose while you wear them. Being loose increases the chance of getting fogged along with other problems such as falling off from the eye. If it is somehow loose, make it adjusted.
  • You might find it unfashionable, but the use of glasses straps would be extensively helpful.
  • The use of a right combo of helmet and goggles is appreciated.

Last Words

Stopping your glasses from getting fogged up will be a continuous challenge as long as you ride a motorcycle. Sunglasses represent not only your fashion sense like wearing fashionable motorcycle clothing but also they are essential for your safety.

So, we suggest our readers take any permanent preventive measures. They are not way too expensive as well. If you can buy a quality fog-protective glass, that is overwhelmingly appreciated, although they might cut a smart amount from your pocket. Whatever you do, make sure that you are getting the best result out of it.



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