How to Break into Freelance Writing in 2020

Do you have some skills as a wordsmith? Are you thinking about breaking into the freelance writing?

Well, its 2020, and if you want to be a freelance writer, you need to learn a couple of new things.

Now, I’ve been writing as a freelancer for more than 3 years, and in the first year, I earned a lot more than I did as a staff member (employee).  A common question which arises here is “How to break into freelance writing?”

The answer is not so an easy one but, I’m still a writer and very well aware of how to make a start in the freelancing writing world and as such I have practiced customizing the tactics and strategies for attracting new clients.  Just like anything else, change is constant and as a freelance writer you need to be flexible and adaptable.

These are the guidelines for starting your career as a freelance writer in 2020.

  1. Research Freelance Writing

As a beginner in this field, you may have a lot of questions, so do a lot of research about freelance writing. The following are some types of freelance writing:

  • Author
  • Blog writer
  • Copywriter
  • Content Writer
  • SEO writer
  • Blogger

When I started writing, I had no idea how to select the right type of writing, and you also don’t know what should be your initial rates.  After all under charging and over charging can be detrimental to your business – so research and research more.

  1. Select Your Niche

Starting a blog is fun and easy.  The trick is to find a Niche that suits your expertise. The best way to start a niche is finding some topic areas which you think are interested, and you won’t get bored with the exercise of writing. Look for topics which are currently in demand, and people may want to know more about.

If you are planning to write about “everything”, I suggest leaving this idea. Writing about something you’re not interested in will take a lot more time, with a great deal of research and it could result in burnout very quickly.

  1. Practice is the Master Key

Let the reader know; this article has everything they is looking for. Engage them by showing how you have specially written this content for them.

Any skill can be learned and enhanced by practicing.  Improve your writing by working daily.  Practice helps you to add the minor things which play a key role in attracting a reader.  The key is to practice and practice and never let your skill get stale…

Reading helps you improve vocabulary knowledge. Read blogs in your niche and keep practicing.  Sometimes that exercise may feel like you are wasting time but it is essential.

  1. Learn the Required Skills

Learning the required skills of freelance writing can boost your performance and help you write top-notch content.

  • Keep track of your projects; pitches sent, billing information, and the client information.
  • Make a proper writing routine for organizing the blog posts and articles.
  • The blogging skills can be developed by starting a blog and read the content writing tips of top rated bloggers.
  • Take classes – online or in person.  I tend to stay current with classes on sites such as Udemy.com.
  • “Follow” those persons who are successful and study what they do.  Start with Hallie Gay Walden.
  1. Create a freelancing Website

This will be your home base. It’s a way for your prospective buyers to know about you, test your samples of writing, and recruit you. You don’t need to make a complicated website; just keep it simple and make it look natural.

There are ways to build a website for free such as Blogger.com.  However, I highly recommend working with a web host company for a more professional experience and believe me, clients want to know you are in this business as a serious writer.

  1. Use the professional Freelancing sites

Now, you have the sample portfolio; it’s time to enter the professional market place and apply for freelance writing jobs.

Following are the best options to make a start.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Truelancer
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Craigslist

These are some ways to make a start into freelance writing in 2020. Let us know which websites you are currently using for freelance writing. We’d love to hear from you.



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