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How to get rid of mold in your house

Mold spores are a very frustrating enemy every homeowner has to face. In some cases, the utilization of these fungi is extremely useful and crucial for our health, but the mold we encounter in our homes is not welcome. When encountered in our homes, mold can damage our structures and in some cases be dangerous to our health. Here we present you a few tips that should help you deal with the mold in your house.  Signs of black mold can be very scary and incredibly unhealthy.

Mildew is the type of mold you usually encounter in your home. It is usually present in warm and damp places, so you might have seen it in your bathroom. At first, mildew resembles a grayish colony, but the color will slowly turn to darken if not removed. Mildew can be easily removed by household chlorine bleach.

If you start smelling a musty odor in your home, it is most likely that it is emitted by mold. It does not necessarily mean that there is a lot of it to deal with, but stronger odor usually informs about a higher concentration of mold.

Because Mildew is the most common type of mold, it does not mean that other forms cannot live inside your house. While it usually discolors and slowly harms the surface, it is not as dangerous as other fungi, capable of causing far greater destruction to your home. If you see a far more present, green or black mold with some fuzz or slime, the mold has caused irreparable damage and the structure has to be removed by professionals. Destroying a small mildew infestation is very easy with household cleaners, but if the area of the mold is bigger than 3 square meters, you might want to call a professional. Destruction of bigger colonies depends on the use of a lot of chemicals, and taking care of it by yourself is a serious health hazard.

Best products that destroy the mold

Chlorine bleach is the best choice to get rid of mold and eliminate discoloration, but the user should be aware and careful of its dangerous fumes. Vinegar is a popular alternative because it breaks down and destroys the structure of your mold. It is non-toxic but might be not as effective as bleach. You can also use hydrogen peroxide. Although it is not as effective it has a similar, but slower effect without toxicity.

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