3 Not-So-Obvious Spring Cleaning Tips

With spring around the corner, most households are getting ready to tackle their lists of deep cleaning. However, while some things may be obvious, such as cleaning your windows or organizing your garage, other items go under the radar. If you’re looking forward to making a list, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling. Not only will these tips keep your house in tip-top shape, but your health will also thank you for it.

Air vents and filters

There’s always a sense of joy in watching the snow melt away as the days get longer and the cherry tree blossoms and tulips bloom, giving us a sign of warmer days to look forward to. While spring gets us excited for summer, it can also be painful for those who suffer from allergies. That is why cleaning your air vents and filters can make your home a safe haven from all the pollen in the air.  Now it is more important than ever because of coronavirus cleaning Michigan.

To do this, you’ll need new filters to replace your old and dirty ones, a screwdriver, a heavy-duty vacuum, and a bucket of soap and water with a sponge. Make sure your air conditioner and heat are off, and then unscrew each vent cover. If they’re really dusty, you’ll want to use your vacuum (with the brush attachment) to go over them first. Soak each vent cover in a bucket of soap and water, and wash them with a sponge. Dry them off with a rag or towel. Before putting the vent covers back on, vacuum the ducts as much as you can and as far in as you can. Doing this may be a little difficult to do with a regular household vacuum. If you have access to rent a Shop-Vac, it will make things a lot smoother.

If this sounds like a project too massive to take on, you can always pay for a vent and air duct cleaning service. Once your ducts and vent covers are clean, make sure you switch out all of your air filters with new ones for a clean, fresh start.

Washing machine and dryer

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean the inside and outside of your washing machine once a month? If this is new information to you, spring is the perfect time to start. Unlike your air vents and filters, this task can be done with minimal effort. Once you’ve wiped down your washer and dryer, use a washing machine cleaner. Cleaners usually come in the form of tablets or powder and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

For your dryer, you’ll want to clean the slot where the lint trap filter goes in, along with the vent and duct. After you pull out the lint filter, you’ll need a crevice tool to be able to get inside its slot and vacuum up all the remaining lint. You’ll also want to pull the dryer away from the wall so you can pull out the vent hose and vacuum any lint that’s been trapped inside. This will need to be done from the outside of the house where the vent outlet is located. For a more step-by-step guide click here.


You’re most likely running your dishwasher daily, so why would you need to deep clean your dishwasher? Believe it or not, the remains left from food mixed with soap scum end up as buildup in your dishwasher, which leads to making germs feel right at home while affecting your dishwasher from functioning to its full capacity.

To deep clean your dishwasher, make sure your dishwasher is empty. Fill a cup with vinegar and place it inside your dishwasher’s top rack. Vinegar is an alternative to bleach that can kill bacteria like E.coli due to its acidity. Run a normal cycle with hot water. You can also use a dishwasher cleaner if you prefer it over vinegar.

If you notice a significant amount of buildup on the dishwasher’s spray arms, run water through each individual outlet to make sure nothing is blocking them. Don’t forget to also check the condition of the filter. You should be cleaning them after each use. If you’re not— your spring cleaning day is a good time to start.

These items may seem like a lot of work but once you tackle them, your appliances will be working in better conditions, making them last longer, while your health will be thanking you for it.

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