3 Effective Small Business Expansion Tips

There are many words that excite small-business owners and one such word is expansion. That said, there are a million different strategies and ways to expand a business. Some of it depends on the market, your industry, and your individual company. Here are three effective small business expansion tips.

Don’t make big changes until the money is in your account

This might sound obvious to some small-business owners, but there are countless startups that try to make big changes before a deal officially closes or financing comes through. Your numbers might look impressive and you might have a great product or service, but don’t hire new employees, create a new product or service, or get more office space until the funds are officially in your account.  The first thing you should do is check with credit sesame review.

All people (yes, even business owners) get excited when good news is on the horizon, but don’t let that cloud your judgment. Continue to think like a small-business owner and make smart business decisions. We know you want to expand your business fast to stay relevant and spread your message to the world, but expanding too fast can lead to a bad financial situation or other issues. It’s hard to identify the perfect time to incorporate a new tactic as a small-business owner, but rushing things will almost certainly lead to a botched plan.

Incorporate a system for goals and reflection

Although there are people who can wing it, we encourage owners to incorporate a system for goals, reflection, results, and expansion. You can achieve that by using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) technique, which will enable you to drive smart, fast growth.

OKRs from WorkBoard can “provide a common vocabulary and quarterly process for teams to articulate and align what they want to achieve, focus efforts on measurable outcomes, and iteratively learn with data over time.” OKRs can help your team identify and communicate three-plus things your business wants to accomplish and why they matter. Having everyone working toward the same goals is how you’re going to grow your business, no matter what your expansion plans for the future might be.


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Ensure your company culture is good and your employees are happy

We understand businesses want to hire more employees, find a bigger office, or release a new product or service, but businesses also need to ensure the current elements are working first. For example, if you’re planning on expanding with new hires, you need to make sure your company culture is good and your current employees are happy.

You can achieve this by taking advantage of surveys (have your employees anonymously fill out responses to questions you have about your business and culture while giving them the opportunity to give helpful feedback). You can also search your business on GoLookUp to see what information is out there about you or your company as well as see if any red flags come up. Company culture is important and the way people view your company can have an impact on whether people want to work for you and whether banks will lend you money. Adding more people to a bad situation is only going to make things harder.

If you want to expand, you need to make sure your business is a well-oiled machine and that what you’re doing now is working. Adding more variables will help with growth, but can also be tougher to monitor and fix. Spotting a problem before you expand could be a simple solution and allow you to make your company even stronger.

An expansion looks different for every company. Luckily, these small business expansion tips are effective and universal.


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