Overview of the Structure of the Various Parts of the Samurai Sword

The biggest feature of Japanese sword is that it shows a sense of design and art on the body of the sword besides the external decoration.

An overview of the structure of various parts of samurai sword in www.sworduk.co.uk

1、 Head: the head cover of the handle. The silk rope on the handle is knotted on the “head” side. Most of them are copper, iron and other metal products.

2、 Handle roll: a wire rope wound around the handle of a sword, which acts on the ‘center’ of the fixed surface and helps the handle not fall off easily.

3、 Sword: most of the decorations on the handle are made of metal products with good manship, which are the favorite of collectors in the field of Japanese metal technology.

4、 Tan: or E, which is commonly known as the hand guard or sword case in modern times. Its function is the same as hand protection. Besides hand protection, it is also the necessary part when drawing a sword. It is also the most exquisite accessory for sword decoration. It is also the collection focus in the eyes of collectors.

5、 Millet shape: when the sword is tied to the waist, the scabbard is fixed to prevent slipping. Most of them are made of wood or horn.

6、 Lower thread: when the sword and fork are at the waist, tie the end of the lower thread to the belt. To prevent scabbard from slipping, the material is mostly made of silk.

7、 Dang: sheath at the end of scabbard, mostly made of metal or angle.

8、 Chimaera: the skin of a mackerel wrapped around the handle of a sword, commonly known as shark skin in China. The fish is native to Nanyang area. The length of the growing fish is about one and a half feet. The leather surface is covered with protruding fine stone particles, which makes the handle roll easy to wrap on the hilt. Since ancient times, the price of the mackerel skin has not been cheap, but it is loved by the warriors and competed for it.

9、 Hairpin: used for fixing blade and decoration, and also as hairpin and ear palladium. Most of them are copper or copper alloy products.

10、 Angle return: the device to prevent the scabbard from protruding to the ground is mostly wood and angle ware. If it is a metal product, it is called “accountability gold”. But not every sword has this accessory.

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