Bouncy Seed Android Game

In the simplest way we can call the above as a game. Here the main character is Paul. Paul is collecting the sunlight points in this game. So, we can call and identify Paul as our little friend. He can’t collect the above sunlight points alone. Therefore, you have to help Paul while collecting the sunlight points. You mean the player. Therefore, you can help Paul while playing this game. I am sure that the player can guide Paul safely. And there is a river below. You can avoid the river so safely.

The above is a brief description of the bouncy seed apk. I think now you have an idea about the above game. Then we will see some unique details about the above bouncy seed game. The bouncy seed is about 7.31 MB sized. The latest version of the app is 1.7.5. There are about 1,000,000+ downloads so far. The Mybo entertainment corporation offered the above app for you.

Those are the facts that you have to be aware of this game as a player. Then we will move to the features of the app.

Features of the bouncy seeds game

  • You can make the Paul fly by your finger.
  • While in the game you have to hit for the rainbow and the angry birds.
  • You can increase the power and the speed accordingly to the amount you collected.
  • There are more obstacles to pass on the game. Some of those are heavy winds and storms.
  • By using your hand you can take the Paul out of the game.
  • You can play the above bouncy seed game from your mobile phone as well as with your tablet.
  • The game is with its original quality.
  • The game is easy to play.
  • There is a simple procedure contained in the app. So that can be identified correctly.
  • You could create your own rainbow in this game.
  • There are more stages contained in the app. We can’t imagine the number of stages. Because those are endless.
  • Beautiful graphics are contained in the app.
  • There are more new items like balloons are added.
  • Also, there are some achievements contained in the app.
  • You can find more varieties of things from the game store.

Those are the features of the above game. Those already exist. Then we will see what are the new features of the above bouncy seed game.

Latest update to this game has following improvements:

  • It supported for the android version 5.0
  • The existed bugs have fixed now
  • You can see some minor improvements
  • The game size has reduced
  • The game doesn’t show differences from the low-resolution devices and high-resolution devices

So, from the above bouncy seed game you can experience all the above features. The bouncy seed is rated for the 3+. There are ads contained in the app. Those ads are placed by the app developer. But your playing won’t be harmed by the above game. This game is not totally free. You have to pay about 2$- $15 per item. The other factor is safety. The app is safe for your device as well as for the player. Even there is no restriction against using the app. It is a legally permitted app. I expect that you will feel more enjoyed with the above game.

If you are unable to download this game via Play Store you can use AC Market. AC Market is also like Play Store where you can download Android apps and game for free.

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