Considerations When Building a Website

You’ve made the decision – you need a presence on the internet.  But where to start?  Here are the steps I highly recommend when building a site and you can easily find an affordable UK web design service as they produce incredible websites and are really cheap so well worth a look.

Start with a name

I am assuming you have already settled on a niche for your product or services.  Now what about that name?  There are two schools of thought – choose a name that allows you some flexibility or choose a name that makes it very clear what you are focusing on.  Whichever side you fall on – check out if that name works for all social media you plan to use. There is nothing worse than purchasing a domain name, building your site, only to realize that you can’t get any version of that name on Facebook or Instagram.  Back to the drawing board.

Website Design

There is so much involved in website design and it really is important to partner with someone who specializes in this skill especially if this is your first site.  I have gone to some sites and cringe at the color scheme – you know the sites… they are covered in dark colors with bright neon yellow font.  Your favorite colors may not be pleasing to a reader or a shopper.  You have to think about what will keep your prospect on your site.  Make it clean and easy to read and navigate. Choosing Web designers in Houston for hire will eliminate many headaches of having to design yourself.

What’s In It For Them

You have your dream and you are sure your website will grab thousands and thousands of people flocking to it daily.  But ultimately, you need to create something for them.  Unless they have a reason to go there – how will they end up there?  Always keep them at the forefront of your planning.  What is in it for them!



5 thoughts on “Considerations When Building a Website

  1. Polly says:

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