10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Master of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an integral part of the Microsoft office program, which is operated with windows on all computers. A various new version of this program is launched, and customers can use them for their official tasks with easiness due to the availability of new features. Some tips and tricks are making the usage of Microsoft Word very easy for new and old users.

These tricks are helping the writers from Write My Essay Today to perform the works of minutes in a few seconds by the use of short commands. Some imperative and amazing tricks about Microsoft Word are mentioned as under,

  • Copypaste

Copy past trick is useful for making a copy of the data of the complete document with one click. You have to use the Ctrl+C command for getting the copy of data and put the Ctrl+V command for pasting the data in new documents.

  • Cut paste

You can use the Ctrl+X command for cutting the data from the existing document, and you can use Ctrl+V for pasting the data in the newly opened document. The difference is cut, and copy command is mentioned as copy command is keeping data in both files, while the cut command is keeping the data in the new file only.

  • Undo the words

You have deleted previous data and have inserted some wrong words with the wish of getting previous work. You should not worry, and use Ctrl+Z command to bring back the deleted words, sentences, and paragraphs quickly.  This command can be used instantly before performing any other action like saving or closing the file.

  • Deleting the whole word

Deleting the whole word is performed with the use of the backspace button repeatedly. To make it quickly, you should use the Ctrl+backspace command for deleting the complete word instantly.

  • Remove all kinds of formatting Ctrl+space

The document file is formatted with a specific design, and you want to make it default. It is complicated by manual setting, but it can be done immediately by the use of the Ctrl+space command, which is functional for the Microsoft word users.

  • Hyperlink

Hyperlink with a file or web address is straightforward by the use of the Ctrl+K command. It can be performed with the selection of a word, sentence of paragraphs, which is desired to be hyperlinked.

  • Find the word

A finding any specific word in the whole document is not an easy task; it can be done immediately by the use of the Ctrl+F command, which is usable by inserting the relevant word.

  • Print preview

Getting the overlook of the document is very easy by the use of print preview in Microsoft word document. You can view your setting in the paper by the use of the Ctrl+P command to make it perfect.

  • Zooming of the document

Getting the zooming view of the document is easily possible by clicking the right side of Microsoft word, and it can be zoomed from 0% to 500%.

  • Replacing the word

Replacing the word is very simple in Microsoft word by the use of the Ctrl+F command. It is showing the finding option, along with replacing the word. You can change the desired word by adding both words in the relevant section effectively.

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