Sonovia Reusable Facemask

COVID19 has had a huge toll on the world since January 2020.  Everyone’s lives have changed dramatically.  For me that means kids are home doing distance learning; I am working from home and relying on virtual conversations for absolutely everything; masks must be worn when we are near other people, shopping (because of course we still need groceries) and so much more.  We don’t go anywhere without a mask.  But they can be difficult to breathe in, hot (especially now that summer is upon us), and some are not even comfortable at all.  Like it or not – masks are going to be needed for quite awhile.  COVID19 is still here and a resurgence is expected.

How to prepare

First and foremost we all need masks.  Like most people I have an assortment of fabric masks that are hand sewn.  We do know though that these masks are designed to keep people from getting sick from you – not to protect you.  Your health is relying upon everyone else doing what they need to do and wearing a mask.  All too often I also see people wearing a mask but they don’t cover their nose.  I am not sure if it is a comfort situation or if they just need to breathe out of their nose but then the whole point of the mask is moot.

Today, I am bringing you the SonoMask by SonoviaTech.  This mask is very very comfortable and fits an adult face perfectly.  The straps are adjustable so it fits me just as well as it would fit my husband.  It also has the best shape for a face – allowing room to breathe a bit.  But best of all this mask is created with an anti-pathogen fabric which is a scientifically proven anti-microbial fabric.  It is a cotton/polyester blend fabric with a zinc coating and can be washed up to 100 times and still be just as effective.

This is the best mask on the market that I have found.  It is a bit on the pricey side but no other mask offers this type of protection and comfort.

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