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5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Tree Removal Expert


  1. Get an Expert

This may sound obvious – but this is a super important job that needs doing correctly. Because so much can go wrong, and so much damage can be caused if you don’t have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Hiring an expert like Orange County Tree Service is your best bet.  In the ground under your property, there could be electrical wires, plumbing, and sewers, and you don’t want these to be dug through and damaged. Sometimes plant equipment can be pretty heavy, and could break pipes underground, especially if the pipes are weak. You don’t want a tree falling incorrectly on your house, a neighbour’s house, a car, or electrical lines, so an expert can prevent this, and they have insurance in the event of an accident. This is exactly why you need Charlottesville tree removal service!  You can enquire about the company’s qualifications/training – does anyone there have an arboriculture qualification? Does the company belong to any professional trade associations? You can request to see a copy of their insurance cover so that you know if anything is damaged, it is covered. The company should be able to advise you whether you’ll need a permit to remove the tree.

  1. Check out their Ratings and Reviews

It’s too late after a bad experience, looking at reviews then, to find others have had a poor experience and have been ripped off, or had their properties damaged. So, do your research before and ensure that the company you’re interested in has lots of good real reviews. Look at the site and ensure there is an option for customers to leave their feedback and that it’s not just ‘stock’ quotes on a website. If you can get any word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family members who have had their tree removal services, this gives a good indication of how good they really are, so do ask about at work and on social media for recommended tree removal experts.

  1. Ensure the Company Gives you a Detailed Personalized Estimate/Quote Before Work

A good tree removal company will be open and transparent about their prices and timeline. They won’t mind how many questions you ask about their qualifications, experience, background, equipment, options, and so on. A good tree removal company should also ask you lots of questions about the tree and surrounding property or come out to visit to do the quote/estimate. Otherwise they don’t really know what they’ll be dealing with, so how can they give an accurate quote? A good rule of thumb can be to contact three companies, and compare what they offer, and their prices and timescale, to pick what you think is the best quality service for what you’re paying. You can ask the company how long their quote will stand for, so that you know how long you have to look around for other quotes and compare these. If a company is pressuring you to use them immediately, this isn’t a good sign – you’re entitled to look around and find the best deal.

  1. Equipment Used

Always enquire about the equipment the company will be using. Some tree companies can have large and weighty equipment. If you have knowledge of underground lines and pipes, then pass this on to the company. Sometimes utility companies can mark out their lines, so that tree removal experts can them avoid them. Often tree removal companies can place things like plywood on top of lawns so that the heavy plant equipment doesn’t chew the turf up, find out if this will be done, so that your lawn is not ruined.

  1. Waste Removal

Find out exactly how your removed tree will be disposed of. Some tree removal companies will remove all waste for you; others will leave certain aspects behind. If you’d like to keep your tree mulch for the garden, or logs for firewood, then you need to have all these expectations set out before work starts, in a contract. 

So, in brief, when looking for a good tree removal expert, take the time to do some research before hiring one. Don’t simply pick the first one that comes your way without comparing their qualifications, training, expertise; services offered in terms of removing waste after too; their prices and timeline for work; the equipment they’ll use, and their references and reviews.



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