Are Maids Only for the Rich and Famous?

The busy lifestyles of the rich and famous are made easier by the professional housekeeping services many of them keep. Corporate businesses hire experienced teams for their office cleaning needs, whether it is vacuuming, garbage collections, or administering anilox cleaners to their printing equipment. How about the average but still insanely busy housewife? Is a maid a good investment? Take a look at the argument.

Can You Put a Price Tag on Time?

It might seem that hiring a cleaning service is nothing more than luxury, but if you think about it from a time-saving perspective, how much are you willing to pay for extra time? For those with school-age children, extracurricular car rides, a full-time job, and a social life, it can be hard to find the time to take care of the detailed cleaning needs of the house. You may have enough time to run the vacuum through the living room but can’t find the hours needed to wash all the windows and clean the baseboards. Your time is valuable, and it may be worth it to spend the money to have your time doing things you enjoy.

Can Your Budget Afford the Expense?

There is no sense of hiring a maid or cleaning service if you don’t have the money to do so. If you are willing to pull back on your cable subscription or give up the monthly mani/pedi, you may have the funds to pay for bi-weekly cleaning. There are often noticeable differences in pricing between hiring a personal maid and working with a business. Though hiring an individual may be cheaper, you have to consider insurance, liabilities, theft, and so on.

Can You Clean Most of It Yourself?

If you live in a home with a lot of square footage, it can be difficult finding the time to devote to every room. Smaller houses are often more manageable, even if it is just a surface clean ones a week. The best compromise for your budget and your own productivity is doing what you can for general cleaning and bringing in a service once a month or so to do the deep cleaning. Knowing that a service will be taking care of the heavy cleaning may make it easier for you to concentrate on just doing the bathrooms, floors, and dusting.

If you have the money and you could use some help around the house, then, by all means, grant yourself the luxury of hiring a cleaning service. Don’t feel like you are cheating on your housework or failing to be a good mother or wife. Your time and sanity are invaluable.

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