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Unboxing Lightue Flower Light with Bluetooth Speaker – Best Gift Ever for Her!

Today I received a “mysterious” package from my best friend John, saying that it is a gift for my birthday. John is a very considerable friend and he got excellent taste in choosing a gift. He can always surprise us with something special. I am quite looking forward to what he gets me this time!

After I finally removed all those packaging, an indigo velvet textured box came out. Obviously it is very carefully wrapped and seemed to be something high-end. “What could it be inside?” I was so curious that I couldn’t wait to figure it out.

When I opened the box, an exquisite item caught my eye. It’s a crystal ball with some flower inside laying on a wooden base.

Taking a closer look at it, the flower inside seemed so vivid that it was just like freshly harvested. The crystal is highly transparent that I can even see the tiny buds inside. The wooden base is a one piece from the log, apart from those made from plywood, products made from log offer better texture and endurability. On the base it is written “Where Words Fail Music Speaks”. As a forever music fan myself, John always remembers what my favorite hobby is. I was impressed by this lovely art piece, very detail oriented and elegantly finished. But soon another question came to my mind: is this just another furnishing item for my bedroom?

We all are enjoying receiving gifts, but the last thing we need is another item in the display closet. We prefer to something that we can use in our everyday life as well as can express our love and feelings to our loved one. John always comes with brilliant gift ideas so I believe this item can do more that what it appears. So I continued to dig in the box and I discovered a brochure and a charging cable. It turned out that this is a night light with Bluetooth speaker.

I was so surprised to find this, what a brilliant combination between technology and art! According to the user guide, there’s a golden button on the base to control the night light which could be dimmed by touching. And we can simply pair our smartphones or music player to the Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music.

One of the greatest things that technology has achieved is lots of things can now be done wirelessly getting rid of a bunch of annoying cables. So is the way that we listen to music. Nowadays Bluetooth specifications has been greatly advanced enabling transfer high quality sound in a longer distance. According to the manual, I paired my phone over Bluetooth to the night light speaker. When you heard a beeping sound, it means your device is successfully paired. I tried playing some of my favorite songs, the overall sound quality is pretty impressive. It presents a dynamic bass and a sweet treble. What’s more important, the Bluetooth speaker has added a very useful function for its day-to-day use. Especially for someone who can’t live without music like me.

John’s gift really a great choice for me. I think this would be an ideal gift for her or for everyone we love. According to some research I have done, this product is called “Lightue Preserved Flower Bluetooth Speaker”, every flower they put inside the crystal ball are all fresh flowers preserved by injecting imported resin to keep their shape and appearance. The flower comes in Bluetooth Speaker, Wooden Music Box and Night Light only products. You can also customize the flower choice and engrave your own greetings to your loved one. This is a very creative gift idea by integrating modern technology and traditional gift choice, making it a very special one to your loved ones.

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