Reasons for Disagreement between Generations

The world is constantly changing, just 50 years ago computers were not a common thing to have in the average household around the world, with color television only just becoming a commonplace appliance in the United States after its introduction in 1950. Therefore, it is not a surprise that different generations regardless of where they happen to be in the world will have drastic differences in views on the different aspects of life; this is why in this article we are going to be discussing the reasons for disagreement between generations.

     Different Job Opportunities.

As technology has changed new job opportunities have arisen, just a few hundred years ago the majority of the jobs around the world would have been agriculture-related, but in the United States the number of agriculture jobs makes up just 11% of all the types of jobs in the country. Adults may not understand what those new jobs are and will likely doubt that you can make a good living doing them which leads to conflicts with parents.

Jobs such as being an SEO expert, a YouTuber, or a freelancer on the many gig economy platforms such as Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, and Upwork where anyone can make money from their expertise even if they have not had advanced education at university or college. Furthermore, they can do this work remotely from their rooms without having to physically go to an office or another form of workplace.

     Growing up in Different Societies.

What is acceptable and not acceptable in societies also changes from generation to generation, some older generations may see actions such as divorce something that brings shame or is immoral or is a sin if they happen to be religious. Such topics can lead to very passionate debates, as both parties will deeply believe that they are right and will be unlikely to budge.

Furthermore, other aspects of societies such as homosexuality, multiculturalism, and marriage have seen changes in perspectives in the past couple of generations. Today the world is much more diverse, with hundreds of different nationalities and cultures living together in the major cities of the world such as London, Paris, and New York.

Another big cause of this is the fact that the younger population tends to be a lot less religious around the world thanks to modern forms of communication such as LinkedIn and Twitter as well as movies and music where certain aspects of life which religious people may deem as sinful are promoted.

     Views Enforced by Different News Sources.

Furthermore, if the different generations happen to get their news from different outlets over time this can lead to big differences in opinions if these news outlets have different political leanings. Apart from getting their news from different news sources, a lot of the newer generations get notified events from social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn usually not from reputable news websites or publications but from what topics happen to be trending at that time.

A good way to tackle this is to get your family members to read from a wide variety of news sources from all political spectrums so everyone can see the point of view of the opposite side and come up with who seems to be right in that matter. It is important to keep in mind that just because you have good intentions in mind this does not mean that your intentions are not wrong or misguided.

     Not Enough Communication.

Without a doubt when looking at reasons for disagreement between generations one of the being causes of kids having conflicts with parents is that there is not enough communication between the two parties. Dialogue is not just important to get along better with each other, but it is to better get to know each other and to understand each other’s views on the various important topics in life.

By understanding each other’s views and the reasoning behind those views you will be able to understand why your family members in other generations are acting in a certain way or taking certain actions which will allow you not to take things personally but instead resolve them and come to a good mutually beneficial agreement if for whatever reason you are not happy with the decision, however, keep in mind that you cannot always have it your way.

     One Side Believes That Their Views Are Superior.

A further issue that often contributes to the arguments and disagreements that different generations tend to have is when one side believes that their views are superior to the other sides. This point is often associated with the older generations who will often believe that just because they are older and have more experienced than they are automatically right about everything when dealing with younger people. You can learn more about handling disputes on the information portal.

In reality, this is a delusion perception to have, and even if you do happen to be right the best thing to do is to air your opinion and offer advice and help but do not force upon them. If you happen to be right the other party will sooner or later most likely realize that this is the best way to handle things rather than ruining your relationship with someone when the issue that you are disagreeing likely has nothing directly to do with you.

     Different Economic Climates.

The economic climates of the time will also have a massive impact on the differences between various generations, in all countries around the world, for example, the house prices in the biggest cities in those countries particularly the capitals have skyrocketed which makes it a lot harder for the younger generations to put their foot on the property ladder which means that they will have to live longer with their parents then their own parents lived with their parents.

As a parent, you should stay educated on this and you should not constantly be comparing yourselves to your child or even worse see your child as a failure in life just because they have achieved certain life milestones much later. Because often the real-world situation is very different to what it once was when you were the same age as your children are today.

     Younger People Tend to Be Better Educated.

It is also important to highlight when considering reasons for disagreement between generations is the fact that today the younger generations are much better educated. One reason for this is that a much higher percentage of compulsory school-leavers end up going to university which will not just provide with a higher level of education, but will also expose them to a new way of life and ideas that can drastically change their views on the world about issues such as global warming, gender inequality throughout much of the developing world and also world income inequality.

Furthermore, the younger generations have grown up in an era where information is extremely accessible through the internet on platforms such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The older generations do have access to those same platforms, but a lower percentage of them use the platforms in the same level of frequency.


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