Is Influencer Marketing Still Working for Brands Today?

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement by influencers, people and organisations who have influence in their field. These influencers can range from reality TV stars and actors to medical professionals and politicians.

People often question whether or not influencer marketing is still effective in today’s world. They refuse to believe they could be influenced by someone they follow on social media, and maybe that is the case, or maybe that is just their perception. The likelihood is that if you have social media, you have been exposed to marketing by influencers in some capacity. These days it is hard to avoid.

To find out whether or not influencer marketing is still working for brands just ask yourself this question: when did you last buy, or consider buying a product or service having seen it being used or recommended by someone you follow on social media? Chances are you have at least considered it recently. This shows that this style of marketing is indeed still effective. Whether or not you go on to purchase the product or service is irrelevant, you have been exposed to the company, their branding and they have held a position in your mind. That in itself is extremely powerful.

If you decide to engage in influencer marketing, then it is important to choose your influencers carefully. If you do so, then they can have a great impact on your business. To do this you must ensure that their brand/image is well-aligned with your brand image and the audience you are targeting. This will help the endorsement feel genuine and resonate with their audience. Most reputable influencers only work with brands they love but it is still good to do your homework. Check out brands they have worked with previously and what type of content they produce. Does it align well with your brand ethos?

Once you have found the perfect influencer to partner with, you need to develop a marketing plan that is going to engage their following. Options include sponsored content campaigns, product reviews, ambassador programs and brand mentions. Depending on your product or service, some options will be more appropriate, and work better, than others.

If this all sounds a bit foreign to you then consider engaging an influencer marketing expert to help you select and negotiate with target influencers. The resulting exposure can prove invaluable for businesses today, helping to spread your message far and wide in a meaningful way.

So, in a nutshell, yes, influencer marketing is still working for brands today. It can boost your brand’s credentials, give you access to a wider audience you might not have access to otherwise, and therefore increase your sales or leads.

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    To focus only on what is most measurable, such as revenue or profit growth, is to underestimate the full impact of marketing. Marketing directors should analyze all the roles of their services in creating commercial value.

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