4 Ways You Can Secure Online Business Success

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  1. Fluix says:

    I would say that intelligent-process automation is one of the keys in todays world. Robotization of marketing more than halves the cost of digital marketing tools. If you take Google, the largest player in the digital marketing industry, as an example, you can see that it accounts for 31% of global ad spending, which is equivalent to $ 103.73 billion. Facebook is now in second place with $ 67.37 billion. dollars of net advertising revenue, followed by the Chinese retailer Alibaba with a profit of 29.20 billion. American trading giant Amazon has been steadily losing popularity due to the Google-Facebook duopoly, and is still at the bottom of the list of digital marketing leaders, generating revenue from advertising in the amount of only 14.03 billion dollars. However, according to PRO Digital Ad Spending 2019, Amazon still ranks as the world’s fourth largest digital ad provider..

  2. Alpacked says:

    In order to open a successful online store, you not only need to know what to do, but even more what not to do. Experiments and tests are what allows you to verify your efforts and find the optimal points of effort, the ones that provide a greater effect at a minimum cost. It’s impossible to determine in advance which measures will attract more customers – try everything. The same money spent on different areas can attract a number of customers that differs by orders of magnitude. It’s an ongoing creative process.

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