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Dog Breed Charm and Pendant Jewelry

For those of us who like to wear accessories and accessories on our ears, neck or wrists, or for when we do not know what to give a dog lover, jewelry becomes a spectacular accessory.

Yes, we know that accessories are something very personal, but if we are talking about a jewelry collection, worked in silver, it is difficult not to get it right.  We are all looking for Unique gifts for dog lovers – it is so much fun to show our love for our animals.

Today, we want to tell you about a very varied collection, practically designed for all tastes, dedicated to our best friend: the dog, by the hand at Get me gem.

Pet jewelry: Personalized gifts for dogs and cats, pets or to wear personalized bracelets, key chains or necklaces with pendants of your pet. Personalize your gift with animal footprints, the photo or image of your cat, the name of your dog, couples or jewelry and matching jewelry with kittens and puppies, Sterling Silver Pendants and other materials, quality and handmade at Get me gem.

And, in this collection, we can find from very simple pieces to more elaborate pieces inlaid with glitter, or mixing materials such as silver and leather. Do you want to know more about this collection?


  • Virtually all women and some men like to wear accessories on their ears.
  • Since we are born, this accessory already looks on our ears in most women.
  • Your ears with earrings of dog tracks or with the figures of a specific breed are a very nice wink towards your furry.
  • For example, these very simple footprint earrings in sterling silver.
  • Although you can also find the same but inlaid with diamonds, in this example, in black.
  • Something as simple as the figures of some Chihuahuas are spectacular in the ears.


  • Bracelets are also a widely used accessory, especially in summer, when the arms are barer and you also want to dress them with accessories.
  • Like these that we have loved in sterling silver.
  • In this example, a strong message, so that there is no doubt about the love we have for our dog.
  • And others, with a clear and direct message through the union of two icons.
  • The union of a heart and a footprint
  • The union of a bone and a footprint


  • Not everyone likes to wear necklaces.
  • It is a complement that is usually used on special occasions, but I assure you that when you see these, you will want to wear them every day.
  • Who knows, maybe you even love to alternate them.
  • Look how wonderful: one of the simplest necklaces you can complement with the bracelet from the previous example.
  • The union of a footprint and a heart

But there are also very original necklaces, like this necklace that is shared… with your dog!

With the motto “bests friends”, that is to say, best friends, engraved on a silver bone, you will share a necklace, a piece on the other’s necklace.

Can you complement jewelry with your dog? This necklace proves yes.

Finally, you can find more elaborate pendants and with a direct message to your dog’s heart, in which silver is combined with inlays.

An example of this is this pendant. As you can see, jewelry accessories dedicated to our dogs is a success if you like to send a message.

Jewelry and Trinkets for Dog Lovers

If your loved one is passionate about jewelry and costume Jewellery, you can find a huge variety of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, necklaces and even piercings with doggy designs that are pure tenderness. Some Amazon advertisers even offer you the ability to customize rings and necklaces to offer original gifts for dog lovers.

In addition, if you want to give a special present to a man who does not like jewelry, you can also find very elegant key rings and belt buckles specially created to honor our favorite furry friends.

There are those who get tattoos, there are those who wear T-shirts and there are those who prefer to wear these wonderful accessories.

Some people prefer to live experiences with dogs or special moments before receiving items or objects. If this is the case of the person you want to please, you may be inclined to give activities with dogs as gifts, in this way you will offer them the possibility of enjoying a unique moment with their dog.

Whether for you or to give to a dog lover, you will be sure. Ah! And by the way, and if you are a dog lover, don’t miss the jewels created by Get me gem for dog lovers.

In our jewelry we love customization work and, as you and your pet deserve the best, we offer you the possibility of creating best dog breed charm and pendant jewelry.

And forget about ring sizes or tastes, you just have to know the name of your dog and choose the color that best suits him.

Discover our collection of Get me gem pets’ jewelry, get the one you like the most in the simplest way and… show off your jewel and pet!

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