How to flirt online during quarantine

We are currently experiencing a unique historical situation. The global Coronavirus pandemic has managed to change the routines, ways of life and thinking of countless people throughout the world. Borders, parks, businesses, schools have been closed… Even in many countries citizens are forced to stay at home and not go out except for the essentials. Many companies have opted to halt all activities or remote work. Others have been forced to cut back on their workers because they cannot afford to do so without an income.

But, regardless of the economic situation, how does this affect the company? The use of the internet and social networks is expected to increase. This is logical as everyone likes to keep in touch with their loved ones. The same goes for dating applications and portals for escorts in Brisbane.

Physical contact may not be the best thing to do now, but that doesn’t stop you from getting to know more people and enjoying good company. For example, Pornhub gave away premium accounts to access all its content from the comfort of one’s own home. It even created an exclusive “Coronavirus” category. Others like Grindr or Tinder encouraged people to stay at home and take care of themselves with personalised ads and notifications. 

Interestingly, all this has increased the creativity of many to play and fool around with others such as from magicmenshop. Clear examples are phrases such as “Anybody wants a roll” together with a photograph of a package of toilet paper, “In your quarantine or mine” or “We’ll say we met during the confinement”. Even great phrases and slogans like Durex’s “Go protected” now take on a new meaning. 

Because what better way to take the situation than with a bit of humour? Especially when it comes to breaking the ice with someone who has just met. Because, OK, you may not want to make physical contact and you may even want to keep a safe distance. But before the virus there were also other dangers such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancies and even the transmission of bacteria other than the Coronavirus.

For all these reasons, the popularity of this type of apps and webs continues to be high. It is a way to feel connected and away, even if it is for a while from all this. Because, apart from those who take it humorously, for many others it is an escape route. They enter these sites to escape and not listen all day to news about the pandemic and how it is affecting all countries. They prefer to talk about other things and be able to rest their minds and enjoy themselves.

There are also the cautious ones, who warn in case they have travelled or are infected for all those who see their profile can decide if they want to chat with them and continue knowing them.

Because although it seems to be a lie, all this staying at home offers many opportunities. Now we all have time for what we always put off. To talk more, to get to know each other better, and to give things a new value. For example, hugs, kisses, dates with Christchurch escorts and even something as basic as going out for a walk. 

But there are many alternatives that can be used during this time of quarantine and stay protected against infection. A good case would be sexting. Sending messages with a hot tone, more or less explicit, to raise the temperature and give free rein to the passion, even if it is imaginary. Flingster is one of the most popular adult chatting sites where you can have video chatting with strangers and have all the fun. 

Even the adult sector has adapted to these times. This is because, as in other jobs, they live from physical encounters. So how do they do it? Simple, some directly cancel all the appointments they had until everything passes. Others, however, reinvent themselves. They start selling erotic content online. These are the well-known packs of personalised photos and videos. Another great resource now is webcams where you can interact while watching the girl live – the pleasure and orgasms seem to have no limits!

There are also all those couples who are not lucky enough to live together in the same house and this whole situation forces them not to see each other for a long time. It is a challenge for which they have to resort to creativity, patience and new technologies to keep the flame alive. In the same way there are lovers, special friends with benefits and Hull escorts.

Even those who, despite being in a relationship, seek this type of encounter have alternatives. Although, now, perhaps, it is a little more difficult. Besides, in this way, everyone is clear about what they are going to do first as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

The fact is that, right now, everyone is in a unique situation and very different from what we are used to. Going out and physical contact seems to have become a privilege worthy of very few. A freedom that is missed these days. So this is a good time to be aware, patient and creative. Because together we can handle the virus and everything will be fine. In spite of the uncertainty, the day will come when we will go out and do everything that is now pending. 

Fdo.: Deborah Salas


  • icecreamcon

    If a person has sex, gets pleasure from it, his self-esteem increases. According to psychologists, understanding that you are a good lover, desirable and attractive to the opposite sex is the best way to get rid of complexes.

  • Henry

    Hi, this kind of activity very often gets my attention because I’m interested in how to talk to girls online. I used to have problems with it because I was a pretty reserved person and it was hard for me to open up to people, but thanks I understand how to behave with a strange girl and believe in my strength. Your tips helped me a lot, thank you!

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