Top Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents employ different strategies as a way of reaching out to their customers. They employ both traditional marketing strategies and digital advertising. There are several experts involved in carrying out the advertising.

For instance, they can hire digital marketers or pay for TV and radio programs that advertise their services. Marketing is essential for any business. People will not know about the quality of services a given real estate agent offers if he does not make efforts to market the services.

1. Direct mail marketing

The marketing postcards in real estate have been attracting a lot of attention. Real estate agents can generate an emailing list from their past customers then use it to send the postcards with attractive offers. The marketing postcards in real estate make those interested in a given real estate area recommend the services.

It is a move that works well in promoting the services. A service such as offers mailing services to realtors. They can sign up and access the emailing services that can contribute towards growing their services.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Real estate agents can rely on search engine optimization to reach out to more customers. They start by designing a website then optimize it for a given keyword. SEO can play a significant role in growing a real estate company.

There are several tactics that search engine optimization experts can employ. Many realtors that look forward to generating leads online can work with SEO companies to develop websites that rank high on search engines to attract organic traffic.  To get sufficient help and guidance, you can rely on agencies like the Super Gravity Group.

3. Search engine marketing (SEM)

The SEM consists of search engine optimization, where traffic is generated organically, and paid to advertise where the traffic is generated from other sources. For instance, they can pay other websites to direct traffic to a given real estate agent or use paid ads on search engines.

4. Content marketing

The strategy can work in real estate marketing. It involves creating useful content and then distributing it online using different channels to make people know your company as an industry authority.

For example, people who sell homes in a given location can create content that will explain different issues that people would like to know about the location. Several real estate agents have relied on content marketing to grow their business. It is a strategy that can work if exploited well.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have both organic traffic and paid ads. Real estate agents can display on social media sites to attract an audience.

People interested in the real estate market in a given location can easily buy the idea if they are allowed. Social media sites attract a lot of people. They can be utilized to grow the brand.

6. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Search engines have the option where real estate or other marketers can place ads and pay when people click on them. Several real estate agents have turned to the ads, and they have worked towards helping them grow their brands.

The process involves creating a budget and choosing the right keywords to get traffic from the search engines. The technique has contributed to helping several real estate agents grow their brands.

7. Affiliate marketing

The process involves paying top-performing sites to list your services or create links that can open your service pages. Some experts have dominated the real estate searches with a relevant keyword. You can reach out to the webmasters and strike a deal where they will list your services.

Affiliate marketing works so that the site listing the real estate agent services will get paid when they direct traffic or on a commission when the services have been bought.

8. TV and radio marketing

Real estate agents are still utilizing radio and TV to market their products. The TV and radio channels have adverts where some can pay to get his or her services featured.

They have been around for a long, and they still influence people to buy homes in different areas. Real estate agents who have attractive deals can work with the TV and radios to get the best marketing deals.

9. Local newspapers and magazines

People still read local investment magazines and newspapers. People have utilized the marketing medium for several years to market products. You can list your services in the newspaper and make more people in a given locality know. Some real estate agents use flyers and sign posts. They still work. A signpost in your neighborhood will let you know the property is up for grab.

10. Word of mouth marketing

You can keep people in your area of operation, talking about the services. For instance, sending gift cards to your past clients and letting them know about your new deals will keep them talking about real estate deals.

When people know more about real estate deals, they will likely refer others to your services. The word of mouth marketing has been around for a long, and it is still useful in everyday real estate marketing.

11. Getting involved in the community

Getting involved in the community makes people interested in your services. A real estate agent can volunteer to build a shade in the market or other services that support the community’s wellbeing. Activities such as road rehabilitation or the general environment cleaning can make more people know about the real estate company.

When people know a given company and can relate to it personally, they are likely to do business or recommend it. Several real estate agents have built their brands through community engagements.

12. Hosting client events

The past clients would be your brand ambassadors if you served them well. Spare some marketing funds and host client events. The past clients and potential clients can be invited to view your property up for sale and other events to teach them about the real estate business.

Try to make people feel like they are in a community, and they will likely prefer your services. Each marketing step you take should aim at soft-selling your services during the events.


The above are some of the steps you can take to grow your real estate business. They are simple steps you can take, but they will contribute towards growing the business. Analyze the different marketing strategies then choose the best that can work for your real estate agency.


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