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The Innovations in Keylite Roof Windows in 2020

When it comes to delivering quality and style, nothing beats Keylite roof windows and rightfully so! From installation to maintenance, they offer convenient enhancements to make the entire process super easy.

New year means new reforms, and roof windows are no exception. Keylight has stepped up their roofing game by offering new innovations in the happening year of 2020. Let’s find out the reasons for their out-of-the-box product and exceptional performance.

1.      Expanding thermal collar

The solution to the unsolvable issue of condensation, the answer to cold bridging around the window frame, and the remarkable resolution for speedy insulation – the thermal collar is now incorporated within the frame of your roof window. This collar can easily be activated by tugging release tabs for considerably fast insulation process. As opposed to the conventional rooftop windows, now you can enjoy the view from your living room without having to worry about the 20mm gap problem.

2.      Flick-fit bracket

Your life just got easier! The flit-fit brackets are now available pre-fitted. It means you can actually take up the window for installation within a couple of minutes. Such a unique feature calls for appreciation as it saves time, energy, and yields accurate results no matter how inexperienced you are.

3.      Sash finger spring

Now you can smoothly fit the sash into the window frame in one quick move. Give yourself a break from all the stress of complicated roof installations and go for the faster, easier way to deal with it.

Combining housing with healthy living, Keylite roof windows appeal to diverse communities. The roofing products are a power source of innovative features, enabling ease and convenience for the clients belonging to every taste and culture.

4.      Streamlined fit

Everyone prefers symmetry when it comes to designing homes, and roofs are what determine the overall hue of your living space. Having a roof window that perfectly blends with your roof slope reflects a neater, more balanced look.

Each window at Keylite is designed to sink deeper to have a standard, streamlined setting. Improving the entire appearance of the building and the thermal performance of your roof window, it promises to blend in with the roof sections in a sophisticated manner. You can easily acquire such a recessed fit by using the Keylite standard flashing.

5.      No extra charges

The best news in town – Keylite has added all these remarkable features as a standard, without charging you extra for them. Unlike other roofing companies who may ask for additional costs to provide you with any supplementary accessories, Keylite goes the other way around. They believe in making their customers satisfied more than earning their profits, which, in turn, gives off a higher revenue and results as a great marketing strategy. Overall, it’s a win-win for all!

In the roofing world, Keylite commits to move an extra mile to provide its customers with more than what is promised. If you wish to have a stress-free roofing experience, you know where to look.


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