Australia is a country that has English as one of the primary languages of communication. The language has become indispensable in all fields of education. Research says that in academia, almost 80% of all journals and studies are in English. This essentiality makes English a must-know language in several professional fields. English for nursing students is as essential as it is for a tourist guide.

Let us look at some professions where English is vital for communication.


This industry is probably the one that requires English proficiency the most. The oldest known translation texts were produced for the pilgrims going to the holy land. This usage of language for tourism has continued to today.

Native speakers of English are primarily monolingual. But all over the world, English is rapidly becoming the most used second language. Numerous countries that have English as their lingua franca have the advantage of using it mainly for tourism. As travelers assume that the host nation speaks English, and that is the only medium of communication available for them.

Tourism is a portal that offers bread and butter to many professions. It is an umbrella under which jobs from scuba instructors to tour guides seek shade. Instructors must have a good command of the language as they deal with people from different origins, and English is the medium that the majority understands.

The instructions are integral to the process, and therefore they ought to be in the language that everyone understands. This legibility is the reason behind signboards and other instructions written in English, especially in tourist spots.


Diplomacy is probably one of the areas that a lingua franca is essential. If you are looking for a career in diplomacy, remember that diplomats have to be fluent in either English or French, as they are the most spoken languages in diplomatic circles like the European Union and United Nations.


Science is a subject that heavily relies on English. Scientific terms, journals, and studies are published in English to reach the maximum audience. Academics whose first language is not English too prefer English for use in academic forums as they are more comfortable communicating with that.

English for nursing students is necessary as they are responsible for treating patients who might be of different origin, and communicating the right information is vital in hospitals. For that matter, any healthcare profession requires professionals who are proficient in a widely used language such as English.

In the field of Psychology, counseling is a career that employs one’s communication skills. One has to deftly deal with patients with varied backgrounds and native tongues, to address their concerns. English will act as a connecting link to bridge the gap between the patient and the counselor.


Marketing heavily relies on the ability to convey or relay information in an eloquent, articulate fashion. The prerequisite for achieving this competence is to develop one’s English speaking proficiency. Be it digital marketing or in the offline world, your success depends on how well you can communicate your ideas.

A few areas in which English plays an integral role are:

  • Customer relations
  • Relationship manager
  • Human Resource management


The need and scope of English will only increase in the coming years and never depreciate. As we move towards a more connected, globalized village, the necessity for a common tongue between all people is a requirement. Enrich your language fluency to heighten your chances of getting your dream job.



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