Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Check Out The GCP Marketplace


Today, many entrepreneurs have one common question: why should they use the Google Cloud market place in their business. Recently, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has said that the application and the updation of the Google Cloud Platform are among the top three Google priorities.

You cannot imagine your business without a website, and digital data is of high priority level in this digital age. Data is like gold; you cannot deny that your business information is not safe unless you take precautionary measures. The transformation of digital publishing is also highlighted in the Forbes study.

Important Reasons Why Business Should Check The GCP Marketplace

There are multiple reasons why to sell on GCP marketplace. It will help your brand to get access to the maximum data as per your requirement. Therefore, let’s explore some of the vital points in light of this matter.

1. Better Pricing Available Than Competitors 

You can store your valuable data in the Google clouds at a very affordable rate compared to other cloud platforms. The minute level charges are there in Google Cloud for storing your data.

You will get discounts for your long-running workloads, and you need not pay any upfront money. Along with the other platforms like AWS, you have to pay the upfront money to access store money on the server.

You will also get only a 5% rate discount on the AWS platforms. You must make things as straightforward as possible while you are using the GCP platforms.

2. Larger Networking Is Possible 

Google Cloud Network is one of the world’s largest tired networks compared to any other cloud platform.

The best part of the Google Cloud platform is developing your brand to get access to valuable data. Therefore, you will get access to the maximum number of potential leads for your business.

The networking system of Google Cloud is relatively vital compared to the other cloud server in the world. You need to understand these facts to better access the data and store it for your professional use. It has a faster cable system that provides access for the 10TBS (terabytes per second) for your business.

Hence, you will get better access to some of the valuable data for your business.

3. You Can Have Live Migration Of The Virtual Machines  

One of the best things about Google Cloud is it provides an opportunity for the virtual machines’ live migration. No other Cloud platforms, like Azure, AWS, and  Digital oceans, offer their users these functions.

The main advantage of the migration is it allows the engineers of Google to make proper patching, repairing, and in the updation of the software. It helps your brand to develop your data storage system in a better way.

It helps your brand to develop a proper data storage system to use for future reference.

4. It Improves Your Level Of Performance  

When you use the Google Cloud servers for your business, then it will increase your efficiency. The servers’ load time will be less, and you can develop your brand image by gaining traffic for your business.

You must remember that if your load time is less in the search engine, you can get more traffic for your website. Your website’s efficiency in a search engine will determine how much lead you can generate from your business quickly.

Make sure that you have chosen the right cloud services like Google Cloud for your business.

5.High Quality Data Security  

When you seek the Google cloud servers’ assistance, then high-quality security for your website is possible. No one can easily access your data. All of your valuable business data is appropriately secured.

All the data are encrypted in a highly secured manner so that your data gets prevented from unwanted attacks.


Hence, from the information above, it has become clear that the GCP market place will help your brand access and safeguard the valuable data of your business. Ensure that you have chosen the right cloud server to store your data.

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