Enjoy a Zero-Hassle Party with These 7 Best Foods to Be Delivered

When it comes to food deliveries, some choices are a classic. Pizza and Chinese food have a long history of being on the top spot of delivery foods because they are delicious, satisfying, and retain their freshness during transportation. If you are planning a party, food delivery is a lifesaver, especially during the pandemic. You can easily fill up your buffet table with extensive choices. What’s more, you don’t have to take a trip to the cake shop for something to stick your festive candles in. Order cake delivery services and have everything conveniently delivered at your doorstep.

Grilled foods

When checking food delivery service in Lugano, Ticino, keep in mind that anything grilled is great for delivery. Grilled foods are awesome at retaining their flavour and texture. They hold well during delivery. Choose foods that travel well and can be reheated in case delivery will take more than an hour. There are numerous mouthwatering grilled foods such as steak, chicken, lamb, and vegetables.

Fried chicken

Sink your teeth in this deep-fried savoury dish without ever having to leave your home. However, some debate that fried chicken doesn’t travel well. But some restaurants utilize state-of-the-art packaging which keeps the flavours of the chicken locked in. The fried chicken is delivered with the breading perfectly crisp and the juices locked in. 

Deli sandwiches

Treat yourself with full-flavoured cured meats and pickled vegetables squeezed in-between heavenly bread. Stacked sandwiches are an architectural feat created from thick cuts of bread that can soak up the juiciness of the meat. It is a portable meal that can endure long travel.

Noodle dishes

Noodles are one of the most popular delivery meals. Noodles hold flavours and spices extremely well making it the ultimate dish to pile on your plate. Enjoy well-loved recipes from Ramen to pad Thai. However, how it holds during delivery will depend on the packaging strategy of the restaurant. Some opt to separate the toppings from the noodles. If noodles are broth-based, the soup will be in a separate container as well. This strategy helps keep noodles from becoming a soggy mess.


Enjoy saucy and flavorful barbecue meats on your buffet table. Similar to grills, this food is durable and holds well during travel. Barbecue doesn’t have to be crispy and still delicious even when it has cooled down. Additionally, a barbecue doesn’t have to be fancily presented to be enjoyed.

Cake delivery services

Get your cake delivered instead of buying in-store for birthdays and holidays. Bakeshops have mastered the art of cake delivery services. They guarantee that these exquisitely crafted desserts will arrive on your doorstep in one piece.

Seafood bowls

Many experts argue that having seafood delivery is a huge no-no. However, some restaurants have come up with a packaging strategy to ensure seafood arrives fresh and unspoiled on your door. You can be confident ordering diced raw fish and sushi. Seafood bowls are served cold and travel well. Many restaurants use a layering technique to keep the ingredients from mushing and mixing. The technology of insulated bags has improved, so the risks of spoilage are pretty minimal.


Prepare a gastronomic feast without the headache. Opting for food delivery services saves you time and money. Fill your buffet table with an extensive menu. Hassle proof your big day and put your energy on having fun at your party.


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