Answering the question of how to choose the right carpet is not at all easy.

Often there is the risk of making a mistake in the measurement or of opting for colors and materials that do not match the rest of the furniture. With Centro Scampoli srl advice it will be easier to make the right decision.

They are important furnishing accessories for those who want to make their living room warm and welcoming, but always refined.

The tappeti salotto for the living room are design objects that make the environment refined, but also functional. On the market there is a wide selection of high quality rugs that enrich domestic spaces and meet the most diverse tastes and needs. The carpets for the living room combine functionality and elegance.

In fact, the living room is the most loved room in the house. Here you can watch TV in company, read and find moments of relaxation. The living room is also the space where friends and relatives are received, and its furniture determines the first visual impact with the interior of the house.

The choice of tappeti soggiorno for the home is essential to give elegance, warmth and comfort to the room intended for family and social relationships. The carpet is a real essential design element, which enriches any style of furniture and enhances any type of furniture. It is also very functional as it guarantees excellent thermal insulation to the room.

In this article we discover how to choose the right carpet to be placed in the living room, in front of or under the sofa, to arouse the admiration of guests, make the atmosphere intimate and the floor warm and more beautiful.

But how to choose the right carpet in the living room?

Whether it is modern or classic, Persian or ethnic, each design rug must have the right size, it must adapt to the square footage of the room in which it is placed. A model that is too large would make the room smaller, while a model that is too small would not be appreciated in a very large living area. If the living room environment is very spacious, you can put more rugs in various parts of the setting to have an original but truly refined result.

The sofa with matching carpet is highlighted in the context of the living room furniture. The tappeto moderno in front of or under the sofa must always be bigger, it must go well beyond the perimeter of the sofa. To calculate the size of the carpet, add 20 or 30 centimeters to the width and length of the sofa. In this way the fabric on the parquet or on the marble gives life to a harmonious overall image. A coffee table or a pouf can be added above the carpet.

Its beauty, the detail of its finishes, the shadow or light of its colors stand out. The result obtained is certainly of great visual impact. If the carpet is placed under the sofa, it is good that it is in a solid color. Living room rugs with geometric patterns and designs look best in front of the sofa. In fact, they can be admired more easily.

Tappeti moderni are objects suitable to complete the furnishing of a living room in a minimalist, industrial style, inspired by the essential forms of contemporary design. There is a wide choice between different colors, warm and cold, bright or pastel, between different textures and more or less elaborate patterns.

Large modern rugs are perfect in combination with a three or four seater sofa, white or neutral in color. If the rug is framed by a corner sofa, colorful geometric designs or naturalistic patterns are a good choice and are best enhanced.

There are modern long pile tappeto moderno short pile carpets. The distinction is given by the length of the fabric fibers that completely cover the carpet. In modern long-pile rugs, each fiber is longer than one and a half centimeters, measuring from the attachment to the backing material to the outer end. Modern short-pile rugs, on the other hand, have shorter filaments.

When choosing the most suitable modern rugs for the living room or bedroom for your home, it is necessary to consider that the long-haired models are softer, softer and warmer, but at the same time require greater effort to be always kept clean and in order.

The shape and style of the carpet are chosen according to the type of furniture.

There are models of various sizes, shapes and colors. Some are more classic, others have modern colors and shapes. They all have versatility in common. A classic rug can be perfectly inserted in a furniture with contemporary shapes to create a very refined contrast. A minimal rug with a modern style, with its pure and harmonious lines, can instead fit into a retro-toned decor to create a delicious opposition of different tastes.

In a contemporary and essential style furniture with light and modern furniture, we can insert a precious carpet with sober and delicate lines, with neutral colors, in solid colors or with geometric designs and current design. On the other hand, if the furniture is classic in style, the choice may fall on a carpet with a precious, Persian, oriental style, which is ideal in environments with traditional furnishings and makes the solid wood floor exclusive. In this way the room will be aesthetically refined, but always warm and welcoming.

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