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Why Claiming Compensation for Your Injury is Essential

Medical lawyers

If you suffered a physical or psychological injury due to the fault or negligence of another party, it is termed as a personal injury. The responsible party could be a car driver, manager of a store, owner of public space, an individual, or any other responsible entity.

Personal injuries are divided into several categories, such as work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, injuries from using public spaces, injuries resulting from assault or crime, injuries due to defective products, etc.

If you’ve suffered injuries due to the negligence or fault of another, then it’s essential that you claim compensation through a personal injury lawyer. A successful personal injury claim will cover all the damages that were incurred on you, along with your current and future medical bills due to the injury. Moreover, you can also claim damages for the psychological trauma and the loss of your quality of life or ability to work.

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How to Claim Compensation for Your Injury?

In Australia, you have a maximum time limit of 3 years to claim compensation for your injury. It means that from the day that you sustained the injury, you can file a claim for compensation any time for up to three years. However, it’s best to file your claim as soon as possible if you need quick compensation.

Depending on your particular situation, you can claim compensation from your own insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault party or both. The process of claiming and receiving personal injury compensation can take 6 to 12 months. This is why starting the process as soon as possible is essential. First and foremost, you need to consult with an injury compensation lawyer to assess the validity of your claim.

Although there is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer, and you can file the case yourself as well, but it isn’t advised to do so. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so you’ll have more clarity on your case without having to spend any money. The lawyer will advise you on how to proceed and will begin the process of collecting evidence to support your case.

Your lawyer will gather all the necessary documents, including your medical reports and bills, along with your statement to file the case through proper channels.

What Do You Need to Prove An Injury Claim?

It is not easy to prove a claim against an at-fault or negligent party. However, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you can gather all the required documents and evidence that can prove your case. In the case of vehicle accidents or work-related injuries, there is no need to prove negligence. However, any other cause of injury will require you to submit evidence.

The documents and records that are required to prove your claim include the following:

  • The police report filed by you for the accident
  • Medical reports from a healthcare provider, describing the nature of the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident along with the required treatment.
  • Medical bills, including invoices or receipts of the medical treatment that you received.
  • Estimated costs of your future medical treatment associated with the injury
  • Any reports that indicate the loss of your earnings or your inability to perform your job temporarily or permanently.
  • Report from a psychologist describing any trauma or PTSD as a result of the accident or injuries.
  • Assessment of the value of material damages suffered by you, such as damage to your vehicle, pavement, road, etc.

 Hire a Professional Injury Compensation Lawyer!

Accidents can happen anytime, and they can leave you with life-altering injuries due to no fault of your own. In those cases, it’s essential to claim compensation for your injuries and other associated damages to cover the costs of the treatment and to sustain yourself through the time of recovery. It’s best to hire a professional personal injury lawyer to represent you in your cases. Contact us at Chamberlains for the best legal advice now!

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