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We are ten months into this COVID19 pandemic.  Who would have thought COVID would be with us for this long? It’s possible that some version of it will be here to stay. In March, the country just about completely shut down for numerous weeks in an attempt to halt the progression of this virus.  The virus did slow down, but then pandemic fatigue set in and people were desperate to get back to their “normal” lives.  Now, COVID positive cases and death rates are higher than ever.

The point is, that throughout this period, business owners have lost their livelihood, people have become unemployed, and many are struggling financially.  If you have not struggled, it is probably because you were flexible enough to change as the pandemic restrictions dictated.

Do not lose hope though – this is the best time to become an entrepreneur.  Life will never go back to “normal”.  We had to transition to a new “normal”.  For example, schools had to scramble and find ways to make sure every student had access to remote education. However, now that students have their own computer and WIFI – how can we ever fully revert to textbook instruction as it was before?  We may never need a home tutor again; a student who is out on medical leave from school can learn from the comfort of their home!

Becoming an entrepreneur has been easier than ever. For example, delivery services are booming!  Instacart, Door Dash, and Grub Hub cannot keep up with the demand. They are constantly needing independent contractors to join their team.  Freelance work is also bigger than ever because it’s now commonplace to work remotely and more people are open to the idea of hiring remote service workers.  Do you have administrative assistant experience?  You could easily become a virtual assistant or even become your own boss by creating a virtual assistant business.

Are you over 18?  Perhaps you can offer your services to not only babysit in a person’s home, but also help their children with their virtual academic schooling.  Parents need to focus on work and if they are working at home, they likely could use help with the children.  I worked from home for 5 months with my kids doing remote schooling. Trying to be there, simultaneously for my kids and my job, was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

Do you not know where to begin?  There are so many wonderful resources out there, but you should start with Dan Lok who is happy to share his secrets to success.  Personally, when I want to try something new or an additional financial opportunity, the key is to stay informed. I research those who have achieved success and ask: what did they do and why are they successful? It may even be a good idea to reach out to them personally. Many people are more than happy to discuss what they did to become successful.

You do not need to limit your entrepreneurial skills to one activity, but whatever you do, make sure you do it as well as you can.  Diversifying can be very helpful.  If you lose one stream of income, you’ll have others to fall back on.

Either way, if you are taking steps, even small ones, to reach your entrepreneurial goals, you are doing something. If you do not take that first step – you will never reach your goals.



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  1. Kelly says:

    To become a successful startup, you have to be able to plan, work hard, be creative, and, of course, take risks. Building a business starts with the birth of a unique idea, as Matthew Fleeger Dallas said, for which you need to be creative and innovative, and remember that the main goal of developing a product or service should be to provide unique value to the customer.

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