Gift a Dozen Roses This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a couple of weeks away, and it’s time to start thinking of the special gift to give to a special person. Well, what better gift to give than a gift of dozen roses this Valentine’s Day? Without a doubt, Valentine Roses are some of the best romantic gifts you can send to someone special in 2021. The great news is that there are varieties that you can explore. From the traditional a dozen red roses to the unique but popular purple roses, you can be sure to find the perfect choice that will delight that special person this Valentine’s Day.

How to Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Roses’ Colors

A dozen Red roses are the traditional symbol of love, and they are the most popular roses sent on Valentine’s Day. However, different roses have different meanings that make them appropriate to send during Valentine’s Day. Depending on the level of love relationship you have with someone, you can choose the perfect rose color that symbolizes and communicates your connection with them. So, how do you pick the right color of Valentine’s Day roses for different people in your life?

Best Color of Roses for Valentine’s Day

Roses generally symbolize love. However, the kind of love you want to represent will determine the color to choose. Here are some colors of roses that you can give this Valentine’s Day.

  • A Dozen Red Roses

Traditionally, red roses symbolize affection and love. If you have just found love and your love relationship is official, and this will be your first Valentine’s Day celebration together, a dozen red roses would be the perfect gift to vie to your new love.

  • A Dozen Purple Roses

If you have newly fallen for someone and this Valentine’s Day would be your first date, there’s no better present to give than a dozen purple roses to symbolize your enchantment with your new-found love. Give a gift of a dozen purple roses to send the magical message that no word expresses.

  • A Dozen Yellow Roses

Beyond a romantic relationship, you can also give roses to someone you cherish and value their friendship. Yellow roses are a perfect gift for your BFF this Valentine’s Day. It’s all about celebrating a wonderful friendship, loyalty, and pure love.

  • A Dozen White Roses

White roses symbolize weddings. So, if you are newly engaged or newly married, a dozen white roses are a great choice of gift to send to your partner this Valentine’s Day.

  • A Dozen Pink Roses

Red roses are the traditional symbol of romance, but pink roses are also gaining traction among lovebirds. If you are looking to express your budding love relationship and affection this Valentine’s Day, a dozen pink roses would be a perfect choice of gift to give. You can have the pink roses arranged with other floral stems, such as orchids and lilies, to create a beautiful contemporary rose bouquet.


Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, what are you giving your special someone? If you were short of ideas when you started reading this piece, we’re sure that your mind is already made up. Now that you know the kind of roses to order for your love or friend, you can start making arrangements to place your order. Remember, when it is a few days to Valentine’s Day, placing your order will be difficult as many floral shops would want to fulfill pending orders first. Therefore, it would be best if you place your order early so that you won’t be caught up in a rush around Valentine’s Day.

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