Ways to Engage Your Customers in Your Story Highlights

Instagram is one of the ways through which customers, people and businesses connect. It is also the right thing with posting the prices, shoppable tags, IGTV, and Live videos. Also, Instagram comes with the new ways people can connect through their social media platforms while enhancing customer experience from different businesses and brands.

How to create story highlights on Instagram?

If you also want to create your story highlights, then here are the best ways to do that.”

  • Navigate the settings
  • Click on the story button.
  • Save to the Archive button when it is turned on.

Ways to use Instagram highlights

●       Showcase your products

It is one of the best ways to promote the business and then engage them with your customers by creating Instagram highlights by promoting your business’s services. According to the survey, nearly 75% of the users can take action, like visiting the website or making a purchase while looking at the ads.

●       Promote the events

We all know that social media is a great place to promote the events and build brand awareness, mainly because the users are looking for information there.

  • Show them what you have been up to
  • Here are the great ways that you think that your business can do this for today:
  • Tease them by giving the inside look of your brands and the products
  • Share the videos, pictures, and screenshots taken in the meetings.
  • Show them where your employees have been working recently.

●       Interaction through the polls

You can use the interactive polls on your Instagram stories, allowing you to engage with the customers. It will also allow the thing you must collaborate with the customers you have.

●       Answer the follower’s questions

Whenever the followers ask you about anything, you must capture the followers’ attention on the Instagram story with their highlighted questions.

●       Product tutorials

You can get the album for the tips and tutorials of using your service or the product to get credibility while building your brands’ trust.

●       Highlight tips into practice

We all know that social media is evolving, and Instagram has several features that offer growth. Therefore, you must have the highlights in your practice as well.


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