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4 Essential Items for Your Pastry Case

Filling bakery display cases with a balance of innovative and familiar baked goods can be no easy feat. In order to be profitable, it’s critical to keep old favorites and new treats in stock on the regular, while focusing on the right types of treats to match customer demands. Here are four essential baked goods to stock your pastry case with.


Cookies account for just 12% of bakery sales, but they are the most-sold item by a long shot. In a survey of bakeries, 89% of respondents ranked them as their most-purchased baked good. Cookies have a seemingly limitless range of flavors and varieties while boasting short bake times and relatively simple prep, making them a win-win for both bakers and customers. To keep this item moving in your pastry case, try offering boxes of assorted cookies (or create-your-own variety packs) at a special price to expose your audience to new flavors and encourage larger buys than just a cookie or two.


Cakes compose the largest portion of bakery production, accounting for 24% of annual sales. While they are only the second most popular bakery item according to the bakers surveyed, they often pull in a larger profit margin, due in part to new cake products such as individual celebration cakes (think baby’s first birthday smash cakes), cake slices and cake pops.

Trendy Products

Unless your bakery falls into a dedicated niche (such as vegan or kosher), specialty baked goods may not need to compose a large portion of your case. However, even one or two specialty goods (like a gluten-free pastry or low-carb cookie) will expand your clientele slightly, allowing for a more diverse range of customers. Even if you don’t want to cater to dietary needs, an occasional trendy baked good (for example, kale rolls) may be a fun change of pace for your audience.

Seasonal Goods

Special-occasion baked goods celebrating traditional or off-beat holidays are a great way to keep with the times. Consider catering to seasonal flavors (think pumpkin spice in the fall), major holidays (Easter, Independence Day, Christmas, etc.) and even lesser-known holidays (such as Teacher Appreciation Week). This will not only keep your bakery offerings fresh, but it will also help meet customer demands all year long.

Stocking a baked goods case can be challenging, but with a great rotation of high-quality goods, filling the case can be as easy as pie.

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