Koita – Plant Based Milks, So Many Great Flavors

Several months ago I switched to a plant based diet.  Many factors had led me to this decision but the final step was how my health all of a sudden started to deteriorate.  What happened to make my health deteriorate so greatly and so quickly – who knows.   It could have been a virus, too much stress from work, or just stuff that had been lying dormant.  But either way I needed to do something and quickly to help lessen the symptoms.

Eliminating dairy was an absolute necessity.  I already knew I never felt well after consuming any kind of dairy.  Although I never did consume much of it, there were recipes that I would still use dairy based products with.  Additionally, my kids always had difficulties with dairy – my son grew up with rice milk and my daughter with soy milk.

Since going vegan I had literally only really been exposed to almond milk because that was what we usually had in the house but I wanted to try so much more.  Koita milks are an amazing option with so many great selections.

Nowadays there is really no reason why someone can’t switch to a plant based diet.  We don’t eat just lettuce and tomatoes – there is so much more to meal choices.

Plant based milks are no longer just rice, soy and almond and Koita has proven that by providing so many amazing premium Italian plant based milk options that can be shipped right to your door.

Not only that – Koita milks are shelf stable.  When COVID first started one of the things everyone stocked up on besides toilet paper was shelf stable milk and we were no exception.  I only wish we had found Koita last March – it would have been amazing to have so many options for the following months.

There are no artificial preservatives and the coconuts for the coconut milk are even sourced from Thailand.

For plant based, vegan, non-GMO, shelf stable milks – choose Koita every time!  You can find them available on their website or on Amazon.

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