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7 Ideas to Recycle Old Pieces of Furniture

The process of recycling old furniture is not easy. There are specific tips and techniques that you need to follow to recycle furniture in the right manner. When dealing with a technical furniture removal project, you have to get stuff in order beforehand. Here are 7 ideas to recycle old pieces of furniture:

Sell or Donate to Charity

You can sell old pieces of furniture to get cash or donate it to a charitable group. Check out Craigslist or other online classified ads sites that you can sell your pieces of furniture. This may sound odd, but you need to keep in mind that there are many people on these sites who are looking for affordable furnishings. And you can quickly get a client for your piece of furniture, no matter how old it is. Some people are merely looking for antique stuff and will be super-excited about your old pieces of furniture.

You can get some excellent clients this way. The downside to this method is that you need to check out the site regularly. Also, you need to be patient; furniture listings on such sites usually take some time for clients to see.

Another alternative that you could use is a garage sale. Liaise with your neighbors and get the dates for the ordinary garage sale. Otherwise, you can also plan yours without having to wait for the regular garage sale date. Garage sales have plenty of used furniture pieces.

These places often contain old sofas, chairs, tables, etc. You need first to check whether the furniture has enough potential to sell or not. If it does, then you can proceed further.

When it comes to donation, there’s a thin line between what’s donate-able and what’s not. Thus, you should ensure that you donate stuff that the charity group can use or resell to fund their projects. The best part about contributing as a means of furniture removal is the amount of money you’ll save in tax reliefs.

Check if Friends and Family Would be Interested

Secondly, you need to find out from any friends or relatives who may need extra furniture pieces. Such furniture can be either antique or modern pieces. There are people too happy to receive your used furniture. If you are lucky enough to get such people, then your task of recycling the furniture becomes easier. You simply give it to them either free of charge or at a subsidized figure.

Work With a Reliable Recycling Plant for Furniture Removal

Contact a recycling plant and tell them about your intention to recycle old furniture. Usually, the plant arranges recycling programs for used furniture. Usually, you can get a big discount when it comes to recycling. Instead of paying expensive furniture removal companies, this is a shorter way of dealing with old pieces of furniture.

You can contact local salvage yards to see if they can take in old furniture to reuse. However, you need to be very careful about dealing with such persons and places. First of all, you need to make sure that the pieces are in working condition before taking them there. Remember that the furniture might not be sold at these places at all. They are only used for a short period before being taken away again.

Repurpose the Pieces of Furniture

Just because the furniture pieces are old doesn’t mean that they can’t serve other purposes in the house. Check how you can reuse the old pieces of furniture by improvising them into other essential home items.

Contact a Reliable Furniture Removal Company

When you’re stuck and don’t have a clue on what to do, a furniture removal company can come to your aid. They have an excellent experience when it comes to junk. Therefore, they’ll easily tell what’s recyclable and what’s not. Contact them and request a site visit so that they can give you a quote.

Use Them for DIY Home Remodeling

They’re old, right? That means that even if you mess up while using them for DIY projects, there’s no real problem. Consider using your old pieces of furniture to handle different home projects. Such DIY projects give you the confidence and experience to be creative. And that’s all that you need when trying to spice up the appearance of your home.

Turn Wood into Mulch

This is a simple process that you can do at home using a wood chipper. And don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can rent at your local hardware to help you complete the project successfully. This adds nutrients to your soil and makes the yard look much better.

Final Thoughts

You might feel confused while trying to decide what ways to recycle old furniture. However, as you go through each of these ways, you will eventually find the right solution for your needs. Just keep in mind that you need to be willing to put some effort into one solution. Or if not, just get a furniture removal company to haul away the pieces.




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