Easy Ways To Turn Your House Into a Home

Are you trying to make your house feel more cozy? There are several simple things you can do around your house to make it feel more like a home. You might be a new homeowner or you may have your own home for a few years now . Whether you purchased the house through a bank or non-bank mortgage lenders, you probably have the desire to settle in and make it feel like a home as much as possible. Simple Kissenboxen can add value to your home.

From its aesthetic to its functionality, we are going to go over some of the best and easiest ways you can make this happen in the near future.

1. Add some houseplants.


It seems like a simple change, but adding some houseplants to your home can do wonders. Whether you are building a garden outside or purchasing some house tree plants for the inside of the home, you will feel a huge difference in how your home looks and feels.

From a garden of succulents town indoor tree or an array of hanging house plants, there are seemingly limitless options when it comes to adding plants to the indoor and outdoor landscape of your home. Try walking through a local home improvement store, garden center, or nursery to feel out which plants you think would look best for your home’s layout. If you have high ceilings, hanging plants like vines, spider plants, and string of pearls may be your best option, but you can also consider indoor trees like a fiddle leaf fig or a money tree.

2. De-clutter and deep clean.


Cleaning out the things you don’t need and creating a new system of organization for your house can make it feel like a home in no time. After you have gone through things you don’t need or use on a regular basis, it’s important to do a thorough deep clean of the inside and outside of your home. From cleaning the baseboards to power washing the exterior of the house, this simple step will make your house feel like brand new again.

Some people don’t realize how much more relaxing it feels to live in a home that is free of clutter, debris, and grime. A study published in a 2010 scientific journal found that women who described their living spaces as “cluttered” or full of “unfinished projects” were more likely to be depressed and fatigued. If you have a clean home that is free of clutter, you will more than likely feel more cozy in that environment as opposed to a cluttered one that is full of unnecessary and unwanted stuff.

3. Make it kid friendly.


If your home is occupied by a family, specifically multiple children, it’s important to make the environment kid friendly. If you are a parent, you know that kids love activities. Whether they are making crafts out of things they found in nature or playing in the kitchen, they love to make messes and thrive in a seemingly hectic environment.

Try to turn your home into a place where your kids can learn through sensory activities and science experiments. There are several activities you can do in all areas of the house, like cooking easy empanadas your kids can make or playing sink or float with a clear storage tub. Even if it feels chaotic and messy, making pastry dough for chicken empanadas is an easy project to clean up and will feel rewarding after you have spent quality time enjoying your children and their awe for the simple things in life. Plus, cooking empanadas together means you have a delicious appetizer afterwards.

This concept is hard to grasp for people who need their space as neat as possible, but once you embrace the chaos you will learn to love it. Most important, your kids will love it even more and will never forget that their parents made sure the house felt like a home during their childhood.

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