8 Quick Ways to Protect Your Home From Pests

Pests like a comfortable, nice house for the same basic reasons we do. They want shelter, water, and food. And if they can find all these in your home, they will move in.

Common household pests include mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, termites, rats, wasps, ants, bedbugs, flies, household centipedes, firebrats, earwigs, spiders, and silverfish. Pet parents sometimes have to deal with ticks and fleas in the house.

These unwanted guests can show up at any time of the year, especially during colder months, and some are even more problematic in specific country parts than others.
While it may seem nearly impossible to keep pests out all the time, below are some quick ways to keep them out of your home.

#1 – Keep things clean

Insects and pests are nasty. They are also enticed to nastiness. So, if you really want to keep them away, begin by preventing and eliminating messes. And this means:

• Giving your house a deep clean, such as pulling out your sofas or furniture and mopping in those normally hard to reach areas.
• Regularly cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry.
• Taking out the trash regularly.
• Clean dirty dishes just after meals.
• Cleaning up spilled foods right away.

In short, the cleaner your home, the less attractive or hospitable it is to pests – and that is a fantastic thing!

#2 – Seal cracks and gaps

Messes and food aren’t the only things that entice roaches and other creepy crawlies. Pests use the easiest routes into a home, which is some sort of hole, crack, or gap.

Take a close look at the doors, windows, and screens. If you spot any holes, cracks, or gaps, repair or caulk them.

#3 – Keep a dry home

When looking for the ideal house, pests require two things: food source and water. And some invading pests like house centipede, springtails, and silverfish, prefer to hang out in cool, damp areas.

Fix leaky faucets, pipes, or drains. Ensure your dryer, washing machine, and air conditioner are working properly. And in places of your home with high moisture content, such as the basement, consider running a dehumidifier. Remember also to check the attic to be sure it is dry.

#4 – Keep lawns trimmed and tidy

Weeds and tall grass can offer harborage for ant hills, fleas, and ticks. Overgrown tree branches and shrubbery that touch your house also act as entry points for roaches and other pests.

Mow your backyard regularly during summer and spring so that pests have less hiding areas. In addition, keep shrubs and trees trimmed, so there is approximately a foot a distance between your home’s walls and any branches.

And if you have climbing plants like wisteria or ivy, it may be an awesome idea to put up a trellis so that vines do not act as gangplanks on which creepy crawlies march into your house.

#5 – Give your furry friends a dining space

Cats and dogs are incredible to have around your house: they give you companionship and keep insects and bugs at bay. For instance, cats chase around mosquitoes and cockroaches, but whilst that may be fun to watch, they can’t get each cockroach that comes into your home.

If you’ve a four-legged friend, don’t forget to put their food on a rubber mat or in a bowl and not on the floor. Put away the leftovers and clean out the bowls at least once a day to make your home unattractive to annoying critters of all stripes

#6 – Store food in airtight containers

Rodents and bugs can easily chew through cardboard and plastic. If you store food for extended periods of time, try to store it in a glass jar, airtight container, or a metal can with a lid to keep unwanted guests out.

Try to buy food items that are already in jars and cans to make this easier.

#7 – Properly dispose of litter and trash

Ensure that all the trash and litter cans have lids that are tight-fitting and clean the cans and the place where they sit on more regularly to remove spills or waste on which these unwanted creatures can feed.

Additionally, keep patios, garages, yards, and decks free of plant clippings, standing water, and leaf litter, all of which may offer invaders a perfect environment to create a home.

#8 – Call the experts

Whether you want to take additional precautions or have experienced an infestation, scheduling regular inspections with a professional pest control service can help protect your home from invaders

Whilst it is crucial to keep on top of your property’s maintenance, it is still possible to experience pesky pest issues. Besides, you may not spot an infestation immediately. The best way to stay ahead of the game is simply scheduling regular inspections with Excel Pest Services.


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  1. Integrity says:

    Thanks for creating and sharing such helpful content! In addition to what you mentioned, it’s also important to check ductwork regularly. It should be clean and properly sealed. Dirty and poorly-sealed air ducts are a favorable environment for pests and especially rodents. Rodents can use air ducts to find their way to the “tasty” wires of your HVAC system, posing a fire hazard in your home. We also know that rodent droppings carry bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Breathing in these particles is hazardous.

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