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How Long Do Kids Wooden Cubby Houses Last?

Cubby houses are an excellent way to spark the imagination and creativity of your kids. You will also instil in them the importance of carving their own spaces, which means they will respect yours, too.

Now you are in a dilemma. You want to do your part in reducing carbon emissions by choosing sustainable materials. In the same vein, you are worried that a kids wooden cubby house would not last as long.

You would be surprised to know that the wooden cubby house will last longer than plastic. The harsh elements will wash away the colour and also make the plastic material brittle.

For instance, it is not uncommon to see these outdoor playhouses being passed on to the next generation as they will still be standing after ten years.

These cubby houses are manufactured from timbre with polyurethane trim. Unlike with plastics, you have more options to include shutters and windows, flower pots, chairs, and even a weather vane!

The kids wooden cubby house is coated with primer before the second layer of paint or varnish to ensure longevity. Unlike plastic materials, the product typically comes in pre-cut panels. It allows the parents to bond with their kids as they assemble the parts.

Maintaining Your Wooden Cubby House

You can extend the lifespan of your cubby house with proper maintenance. Here are some tips to do it:

  1. You can stain your wooden cubby house to maintain its fresh look. You do not want an eyesore in your yard.
  2. Choose only pre-treated timber for your cubby house to avoid white rot and fungus. Applying a wood preservative also helps but make sure the ingredients contain borate or copper.
  3. If they are not yet sealed, you can use caulk to make sure all cracks are airtight.
  4. Make sure to clean the cubby houses at least once a week. As an added benefit, you can ensure your kids’ safety as they might hurt themselves by stepping on grease or slippery materials.
  5. Sweep the dust off the floor of your cubby house to avoid the accumulation of dirt. In the same vein, dry the puddles after a heavy downpour as they may contribute to rotting.
  6. Regularly spray for insects and spiders. Ants can drill holes on your wooden cubby house so make sure to keep them off the property.
  7. Mow your lawn or pull out the weeds surrounding your cubby house to prevent the runners from invading the surface.
  8. Although it may be slight overkill, you can also put an awning above the cubby house to protect it from the elements.

Cubby houses are an excellent way to get your kids to play outside. You will also help them become more creative as they would not rely on TV or YouTube for stimulation.

A study revealed that only about 1 in 5 Aussie kids between the ages of 5 and 17 get about an hour’s worth of physical activity each day. Getting a cubby house will encourage your kids to get off their tablets and phones and go outdoors to play.

How Much Does a Cubby House Cost?

The price range for a kids wooden cubby house depends on the size and features. A basic playhouse that comes with a single door and window will cost you around $600 or more. A Tudor-style product with all the bells and whistles, including a fence, will set you back around $1,700.


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