What Do Men Need to Do to Avoid Testicular Cancer?

What do men need to do to avoid testicular cancer? Some of these may be obvious. Other tips for preventing testicular cancer involve learning as much as you can about the disease and doing your part to try to get it to a mild stage, which most men don’t. This article looks at some very effective ways to prevent testicular cancer.

What is Testicular Cancer?

This type of cancer is one that affects the reproductive organs such as the scrotum and testicles. However, this condition can also affect the other parts of the body, as well. Therefore it is important to understand the symptoms of testicular cancer so that you will be able to know whether or not you need to see a doctor concerning this condition.

It is important to realize that the symptoms of testicular cancer are not the same symptoms that may be present with other forms of cancer. Although it is similar to the symptoms that may be associated with prostate cancer, for instance, there are actually many differences between the two conditions. Therefore, before a diagnosis is made, it is important to make sure that tests are run to determine what is really going on. If tests are completed, and the doctor determines that there is nothing wrong, the condition may just be benign (but it always helps to get a second opinion), or if it turns out to be testicular cancer, there may be several treatment options available.

The symptoms of testicular cancer can typically be found during a routine exam by the doctor. This includes an examination of the scrotum in the area of the testicles, as well as any changes in the size, shape, texture, and behavior of the testicles. There can be a lump in the scrotum that may not be cancerous, but it is not normal. Any pain, uneasiness, or bleeding in the area should be reported, as should an appearance of lumps or bumps that are not cancerous. Read the following ways on how to fight testicular cancer.

Wear comfortable clothing

Men should refrain from wearing tight-fitting pants, as this increases the production of phytoestrogens. They also need to wear loose-fitting shirts and avoid using body spray. Showering after exercise is a good idea, but not if it contains body sprays. If men are smokers, they should quit.

Have a well-balanced diet

Men who are overweight or obese, or are undergoing weight loss, should carefully examine their diet. Men who eat a high-calorie diet may be more likely to develop testicular cancer. Men who consume large amounts of alcohol are also at risk of developing this condition. What do men need to do to avoid this type of cancer?

They need to eat healthy foods. Foods rich in antioxidants, like vegetables and fruits, can improve the immune system and protect men against testicular and prostate cancer. Antioxidants, like vitamin C and beta carotene, reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are produced due to excess testosterone, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Get regular examination and treatment by a doctor

This kind of cancer is the presence of a small lump or bump. The lump itself may not be cancerous. However, it could be caused by the effect of hormones on the sperm. As the male hormone testosterone increases, so does the risk for testicular cancer. If the signs of testicular cancer are present, the affected man should have a testicle biopsy.

Men with tumors in their testicles are more likely to develop prostate cancer than men with normal testicles. What do men need to do to avoid this kind of cancer? Men with tumors in their testicles should get regular examination and treatment by a doctor. They should get the latest treatments like intrauterine insemination and laser coagulation. Moreover, men with tumors in their testicles need to get the most aggressive treatment – preferably surgery.

Alternative ways to avoid testicular cancer

There are several herbal remedies and supplements that are now available on the market that are being used to treat testicular cancer. Herbs such as saw palmetto, muira puama, green tea, and turmeric contain anti-androgen activity. Although there is no direct evidence that they are effective against this disease, they seem to have some effect on the formation of tumors. Another men’s exercise and diet tip is to include more fish, nuts, eggs, and other foods that are known to reduce the risk of testicular cancer. Although there is no single supplement or herb that will prevent the disease, these dietary changes are certainly worth trying.


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