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Is having concrete floors worth it?

Does it bother you if you must choose concrete flooring or opt for other materials like wood or tiles? Before you can answer if it is worth having concrete floors, why not go over today’s article first. See the pros and cons of concrete flooring.

According to local flooring experts at Concrete floors Cincinnati, concrete flooring is durable, but certain downsides exist. That is why resurfacing methods are applied to provide the quality that meets every owners’ standards.

Pros of having Concrete Floors

There are various advantages of using concrete, including being low-maintenance. More of its positive features below:

  • Low Cost Installation. The minimum cost for concrete floor installation is $2. Imagine you only have to mix in cement and aggregates. Even a regular Karen or an average Joe can do cement mixing. Plus, the materials are cheap and accessible. Then the process only takes a person pouring the concrete over a surface. So if you got a tiny patio or a square mete following to fic at your properties, you could have concrete flooring at a meager price.
  • Unique designs. Concrete flooring goes with a multitude of designs. Whether you need it for a patio, driveways, outdoor, then in your indoors, the floors can look and perform better with concrete ideas that go with having installed them. For exterior floors, you got the stamped concrete ideas. Stamps create the look of wood, bricks, stones, and other naturally occurring materials. For your floor indoors, you can make use of various decorative finishings like epoxy floors. Or go for drama and effect with staining and coloring.
  • Low maintenance. You hear it every time. Concrete flooring is cost-efficient, especially when it’s time for maintenance. It is so because of its monolith slate appearance. Making it easy for anyone to sweep through the surface. Dust, dirt, hair, and lint from clothes are no stress to put away. Even liquid stains will quickly disappear with using only a simple soap solution and a used rug.
  • Innovative. Concrete flooring allows you to have heated floors. Due to its durable quality, you can install heaters or warming electrical tubes beneath the slab to provide heating concrete. This is perfect for less humid regions and when the winter seasons come in.
  • Environment-friendly. Coconut is eco-friendly. Who does not want to have products which are kind to nature? Concrete uses pure solid raw materials. Stones, sand, and other aggregates that you can easily access from nature are sustainable, too.

In addition, installing concrete floors does not require the use of heavy chemicals to mix them. There is also no need for complex energy-consuming machines to pour and lay the material on the ground surface.

Cons of having concrete floors

Before you jump onto the bandwagon and sue concrete, it is wise for you to know some of its downsides. Having to know where concrete may fail can offer you early prevention. Despite the cons, you can look for ways to make the limitation to its advantage. But first, what are the concrete’s disadvantages. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Moisture. When you hear concrete failure, the number one culprit that comes to mind is moisture. Water or liquid substance and dampness is the concrete’s worst nemesis. That is why it is often necessary to apply concrete sealers to finish and protect the floor.
  • Too hard to handle. Concrete is often marketed as durable. But on the other side of it, the steps are too hard. That is why the concrete flooring is prone to accidents. What scares people off when it comes to concrete is that falling hard on its surface may cause severe wounds and scrapes. Now this disadvantage gives you enough reason to apply a resistant coating over your flooring to avoid slips and trips.
  • Cracking. Lastly, the most common to concrete is cracking. Cracking happens 90 % of the time. When there is concrete flooring, be sure to spot some cracks somewhere. Once cracks appear, there is no other way to cover them but to resurface them.

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