Latest trends in the biotechnology industry

At present in the world, the biotechnology industry is booming at an incredible pace. The outbreak of coronavirus has been among the significant reasons that boosted the velocity of development in biotechnology. The biotechnology industry is playing a vital role in understanding the coronavirus and researching immensely for its treatment. The advent of new technology has proved to be bliss for the biotechnology industry. An individual who is looking for an exciting and challenging career ahead can choose B. Tech biotechnology.

Biotechnology: Meaning, History, Career & Scope

Biotechnology involves using living organisms to make chemicals, medicines, foods, and products for the betterment of human lives and the earth. Several industries also use biotechnology for industrial purposes. Biotechnology is of four types- Medical Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, and Environmental Biotechnology.

Let us understand this with the help of illustrations:

1.    Medical Biotechnology- Vaccine, Antibiotics, Pest Resistant Crops

2.    Agricultural Biotechnology- Corn, Soybeans, Sugar beet

3.    Industrial Biotechnology- Detergent, Bread, Yoghurt

4.    Environmental Biotechnology- Groundwater Treatment, Sludges

History of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has originated from Zymotechnology. Earlier, people were curious and interested in knowing industrial fermentation. Thus, they came up with a beer as it was an essential commodity for industries. However, the first domesticated plants like rice and barley were the oldest examples of biotechnology. But the father of biotechnology and a Hungarian Agricultural Engineer first used the term ‘biotechnology’ in 1919.

The latest trend in the Biotechnology Industry

In the present context, India is among the most opted destinations for biotechnology globally. Currently, India is the third-largest producer of Hepatitis B vaccine, as per the report published by IBEF. India also ranks second in the production of BT cotton, IBEF suggests.

India has signed several Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with many neighboring countries and allowed 100 percent FDI for the development in the field of biotechnology.

According to Make in India, the biotechnology industry in India is home to over 2700 start-up companies. The number is expected to grow by 10,000 in the next three years. The sector will touch the mark of USD 150 in the next four years, that is, 2025.

The use of new technologies, 100 percent FDI, increased investments, increased clinical trials, and rising demand for yield crops are behind the biotechnology industry’s growth and development.

Career in Biotechnology

The latest trends in the biotechnology industry present a golden opportunity to aspiring students. The students can opt for B. Tech in Biotechnology program to gain knowledge and expertise in the area.

After completing the four-year full-time graduate programs, students can make their career in diverse fields such as biotechnology, pharmacy, agriculture, and life science. They can also join educational institutes or work in government-funded research laboratories.

Scope in Biotechnology

Let us talk about the major roles a student is offered after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology.

·       Researcher in public-funded laboratories

·       Professor at college or university

·       Quality control officer

·       Research Analyst

·       Production In-charge

B. Tech in Biotechnology program is offered at many colleges across India but pursuing it from Dehradun provides you a better learning experience with a promise of campus placement.


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    You are right, in the immediate aftermath of Covid-19, many of the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have been affected by big changes in approach as well as funding. People have become more aware of the importance of these industries and how they can affect people’s lives. I recently read an excellent pharmaceutical industry analysis which opened my eyes to many things.

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