Roof Repairs: Why You Need to Have Your Roof Periodically Checked


Authored by Athena Nagel

Roofs are often subjected to the damaging effects of long-term exposure to alternating heat and cold environments. Extending the viability of a roof’s life can be done by having it regularly checked and inspected by Mighty Dog Roofing Sarasota. It is also important to have a thorough evaluation of the durability of the roofing material to help you assess whether you will need to have an immediate replacement or not. To help you, here are some of the important reasons why you need to have periodic roof inspections.

Aging Effects of Weather Exposure

The roofing material used in your home can be pervasively affected by extreme temperature changes. IThe benchmark lifespan for most multi-ply roofing material is about 20-30 years, while single-ply roofs could last for up to 15-25 years. One of the few things that can affect the rate of roof erosion is water infiltration.

Having a regular inspection and roof repairs can help prevent these situations and give you an idea of when to schedule a maintenance check. It is important to keep in mind that it is better to spend money on roof replacement than to suffer from the possible property damage that may ensue if a water leak is not resolved. Contact your roofing contractor and ask for an inspection.

Damage to Property

Roof repairs are important not just because they help you cut off the other possible expenses from extensive roof replacements, but they can also help you prevent the likelihood of damage to property like a weakened structural component of a wall etc. Having a periodic and regular inspection on your roof can help prevent these situations and save your other valuable assets from being damaged by a water leak. It is better to spend money hiring a roofing contractor than to replace all the things damaged by an infiltrated roof.

Interior Damage

Another possible scenario that can arise from not having a periodic roof inspection is the damage to the interior of your house or commercial space. As a general rule, it is ideal to have a roof inspection and roof repair at least two times per year since seasonal weather changes may cause sudden damage to the roofing material. Also, it is better to prepare for the worst-case scenario and have a ready-on back up the roof if the present one erodes from excessive temperature and moisture build-up. A good contractor like Pineapple Roofing LLC can help you a lot with your roofing issues.

Have your roofing contractor inspect it for you if you are still unsure where to look at or what things to assess. It is better to conduct this preventive maintenance to avoid undue spending.

 Regular roof inspections are important. The prevention of structural and interior damage is just one of the reasons why you should make regular roof inspections a part of your scheduled home maintenance tasks. Always check your roof for any leaks or infiltration at least twice a year.

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    We know all too well about roofing damages and repairs. I agree that it is so so important to keep an eye on your roof! It holds your house together after all!

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