5 Tips For Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney


Some jobs are more dangerous than others. Transportation, fishing, farming, roofing, and construction are the most dangerous job sectors, based on the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2019, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

According to the survey, mortalities involving transportation incidents were the highest, followed by falls, slips, and trips. Both incidents recorded an increase as compared to the numbers in 2018.  

On a global scale, the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that occupational accidents are estimated at 340 million. Of the figure, about 6,000 workplace-related deaths occur daily, or roughly 2.3 million annually. 

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When an employee is injured in the workplace, the company, through its insurance provider, is liable for compensating the medical, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. However, things don’t always go as planned. In some cases, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney may be your best option.

This article discusses the few occasions in which you might need a lawyer and some tips on choosing the best workers’ compensation attorney

Instances That May Require An Attorney

Not all personal injuries incurred from workplace accidents require the help of a workers’ compensation attorney. However, there may be instances where problems crop up, for instance: 

  • There are unreasonable delays in the process.
  • The insurance provider has denied the claim.
  • The injury requires hospitalization and surgery.
  • The impairment forces an employee to recuperate for more than two weeks.   
  • A worker’s compensation check is not yet available.

How to Find the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

1. Ask For Referrals From Friends And Family 

Your family, friends, and acquaintances might be useful resources for recommendations. First, check if any of your relatives have gone through the process. Ask your loved ones for important pointers and let them recount their overall experience in being represented by a workers’ compensation attorney. Also, ask people you know for input on how to hire a workers comp lawyer. Experience is the best teacher, and people with experience can give you a run-through of the whole process.

  1. Use Online Resources To Find A Lawyer Near You

With only a few clicks, your computer can take you to a goldmine of information about workers’ compensation attorneys in your locality. This is crucial because some states have specific rules about workers’ compensation benefits. Hence, if you want to have better chances of getting full compensation, you’ll definitely need a lawyer who’s familiar with the state guidelines.    

Look for lawyers with glowing testimonials, but take these online reviews with a grain of salt as these could be paid advertisements. If you have the means to find out about the lawyer’s success rates, do it.     

And while browsing the internet, build up your knowledge about the topic by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation benefits.  

  1. Visit The Bar Counsel’s Office

After narrowing down your choices, it’s time to visit the local Bar Counsel’s Office to find out more about your chosen candidates. As the organization responsible for overseeing attorneys, the local Bar Office can provide you with an idea of the attorneys’ reputation in question. Try asking the staff for reputable workers’ compensation lawyers.          

  1. Initiate Contact Via Calls, Video Conferences, Or Emails
    Lawyers post their contact details on their website. Use the channel you’re most comfortable with to take the most important step: asking for legal advice. Most legal websites have chatbots, too, so you can use these to initiate the process.   

If not, try sending an email or making that phone call to discuss the details of your case. Apart from providing insights on how to proceed, the attorney can assess whether the issue you’re facing is in line with his or her specialty.   

  1. Schedule A Consultation 

Following the initial contact and a favorable response from your prospects, please schedule an appointment to see which of them ticks all the boxes on your list. To ensure that you end up with the best choice, ask about the attorney’s background and experience in handling cases similar to yours, as well as the costs and the processes involved. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Qualities of a Good Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In choosing the best attorney to represent you, personality and values also matter, besides knowledge and expertise. For example, a good workers’ compensation lawyer should have the following traits. 

  • Track record or experience- A lawyer should have ample experience representing clients with problems related to compensation claims.   
  • High success rate- Choose an attorney who’s proven excellent at achieving legal victories. 
  • Great negotiation skills- A lawyer should fight nail and tooth to let his or her client win.
  • Communicates clearly- A client should be made aware of all the proceedings and updates, as well as the chances of winning the case. 
  • Good at explaining things- Your lawyer should be able to discuss legal matters with you in layman’s terms.  
  • Comfortable to work with- Make sure you work well with your attorney to make your legal journey less stressful.

Closing Thoughts  

Expertise and personality are both critical elements in choosing the best workers’ compensation lawyer. Experience and knowledge can help win the case, while a good balance of grit and humanity makes your legal counsel great at what he or she does. As long as you keep these tips in mind, fighting for your case will become easier and more successful.       


2 thoughts on “5 Tips For Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

  1. Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for the tip that looking at the success rate of a workers comp lawyer will help in knowing if they are the right one to hire. I’m interested in learning more about workers comp because I’m interested in applying for a different company soon. Getting a refresher on my rights as an employee would surely be helpful in the long run.

  2. Edna Williams says:

    Some workplace insurance providers absolutely do not want you to get all that to which you might be entitled making it necessary to hire an attorney. These are great tips for doing just that! Thanks for sharing!

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