From Wedding Flowers to Home Décor: Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flowers are the new norm for creating original floral art as people embrace naturally looking flowers with high-class beauty. Have you come across preserved flowers? Probably yes, since they are pretty popular in offices, homes, weddings, and other events. Unlike fresh flowers, their popularity grows thanks to their long shelf life. Previously, dried flowers were among the top options, but they tend to break easily, lasting for a short period; hence their popularity declined. However, preserved flowers are flexible and maintain a natural look with minimal care, explaining why their popularity is high. You can even buy artificial flowers in bulk.

Preserved flowers are the ultimate choice when making various floral compositions. Why is that? The flowers are affordable and flexible, allowing you to work on exclusive floral art. Their flexibility is what designers love about them since they can explore their imagination and creativity. Are you looking for preserved rose flowers to decorate your wedding or home? If yes, then Empress Flora is an excellent option. They offer unique roses that last thirty times longer than fresh flowers and are a perfect option for various decors.

Are Preserved Flowers real?

Yes. Preserved flowers come from fresh flowers. The preservation process is a type of drying process aiming to maintain the beauty of the flowers and prolong their shelf life. This technique is better than drying because it ensures that the feel and appearance are natural; hence, they feel like fresh flowers. However, unlike fresh flowers, they are not prone to wilting.

Why are preserved flowers an excellent choice for weddings, home decors, etc.?

The popularity of preserved flowers is increasing thanks to the benefits that come with these flowers. Here are some of the reasons why these flowers are a good option for decoration

Natural look

Preserved flowers are identical to fresh flowers since they both look natural and feel fresh. As a result, they are ideal choices for weddings and decorations.


Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers have a long shelf life; hence you don’t have to get rid of them after a short while, and in some cases, they may last up to three years.


We often see people use preserved roses for their weddings and later use them to decorate their homes. Why is that? These flowers are beautiful, flexible, and long-lasting; hence you can reuse them.

Prolonged shelf life

What makes preserved flowers different is their ability to last long compared to fresh flowers.

Preserved Flowers

How to provide care to preserved flowers?

After buying preserved flowers, you are probably wondering what their care details entail. Generally, they feature minimal care, including:

  • It would be best if you didn’t water these flowers
  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat
  • Use a duster to dust off when cleaning your house
  • Avoid removing these flowers from their boxes since it may cause damages

What do florists use to preserve flowers?

The preservation technique is a sophisticated drying method that leaves the flowers looking natural and feels fresh. They are flexible, making them different from dried flowers with stiff stems and branches that easily break. What do they use to preserve these flowers? Florists use cosmetic-grade chemicals that are non-toxic and pose no danger. This process is simple and only takes a few days before the flowers are ready to use.


In conclusion, preserved flowers are the best flowers to use for various decors since they are beautiful, deliver a natural look, and feel fresh.  This article explains most of the basics about these flowers, including where they come from, how to take care of them, the preservation process, and why they are ideal for various events.

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