How To Avoid Common E-Commerce SEO Mistakes

How To Avoid Common E-Commerce SEO Mistakes

When you have an e-commerce website, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure it is a success. This includes your SEO and digital marketing efforts. However, there are many mistakes that many e-commerce websites make that you will want to avoid. By doing so, you can grow your business into a success. Below you will find some of the most common mistakes so that you can avoid repeating them with your website and give it the best chances of success possible.

How To Avoid Common E-Commerce SEO Mistakes

A Slow Website

We live in an age where everyone wants everything now, and patience seems to have gone out the window. It is the same when browsing websites. If a site takes too long to load, users will often leave and go to your competitors. If you have never looked at the speed of your website before, you can check out the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, enter your web address and see what scores you achieve. You will want to concentrate on the mobile speed as this is what is used to generate the search engine index, but that does not mean you can leave a slow desktop version of your site.

Poor & Thin Content On Your Website

Some website owners out there try and let their images do the talking for them, and they are reluctant to add quality content to their site as it destroys its aesthetics. However, one of the biggest things holding back websites is the quality of the content they have, and when you read it, you can tell it is written for search engines and not the users. You need to ensure that you have unique and high-quality content for your website that is user-centric and informative.

You can also find that many websites repeat the same content on multiple pages of their website. This is also something you need to avoid. It is worth the time, effort, and expense of using a reputable digital agency to help you with this for your e-commerce website. When it comes to the best SEO Brisbane businesses opt for, for example, there are many excellent companies that can assist you with this task.

A Mobile-Friendly Website

Even with the mobile-first index being rolled out by Google, many website owners still concentrate on the desktop version of their website. Over 50% of all searches in Australia take place on a mobile or a tablet, and search engines like Google use the mobile version when crawling your website. You need to ensure that you create a responsive website that appears correctly on all devices, with your primary focus being on mobile devices.

Embrace Product Reviews

It is also an excellent idea to embrace reviews on your e-commerce website, as many people will do a lot of research before purchasing significant items. Reviews are an essential part of researching products, and they can show a sample of the reviews on the search listings when your website appears. You can use the contact details of all your previous customers and ask them for a review of their purchase. Doing so can significantly affect your online visibility and the trustworthiness of your site and increase its profitability.

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  1. Edna Williams says:

    When websites are a critical part of your business, it is imperative that they are efficient and user-friendly! Thank you for this great article!

  2. Media One says:

    It is likely that most small business owners and website managers are just not familiar with the concept of technical SEO, but it has quickly become an important part of the industry. This method involves optimizing the site not for the search engines themselves, but for the spiders that support them. Companies looking to take advantage of this should reduce the time it takes to load their site and optimize the rendering process. Too many images, videos, or animations can slow down a website, which in turn will lower its ranking on Google and other search engines. Those without XML sitemaps and HTTPS security will also have a poor rating or not get it at all.

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