Bedroom Decorating Tips
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Bedroom Decorating Tips

Authored by Athena Nagel

Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is a private space that calms down and pulls out the work stress. In recent times home decorating, especially room decorating, is getting attention among people, not only in Australia but all around the world. The bedroom is always the reflection of a person that expresses emotions, colour choices, etc.

We can give an aesthetic look to your bedroom by the bedsheets, other accessories, and paintings. The new trend in bedroom decor is the usage of bed quilts, and it brings a stylish appeal to the bedroom. This article gives the ideas to decorate the bedroom by yourself and gain knowledge about the new trends.

1.Selection Of Colours

The selection of colour is an important one in decorating a room. Always choose a soothing colour and a relaxed spectrum of monochromatic shades rather than loud primary colours. The most effective colours are jewel-shaded colours. Rich jewel shades help to create a comfortable ambiance. Use a subtle shaded version of any colours that you like the most.

2.Make It As Simple

A bedroom should appear pleasant, simple, and attractive, irrespective of the design you pick. Filling up space with lots of antiques, crafts, furniture, and paintings is not decoration. The decoration is an art that arranges the accessories by utilizing optimum space. To avoid colliding things, always keep furniture and all the other accessories a certain distance from the bed. In selecting furniture, keep in mind that furnish the room with what you need, and give importance to the necessity. Bringing a beautiful painting or a family photo to the room is a subtle option in decor. But never cover the wall full of portraits and photo frames, which leads to an imperfection.

Bedroom Decorating Tips

3.Find Storage

For a quieter and larger room, store most things out of sight. To maximize the storage space, choose a bedside table with drawers to keep the most needed items and make them out of vision. For the bed, there is a sliding drawer beneath the bed. In that drawer, we can store bed sheets and pillow covers. For quickly needed accessories, we can keep this on shelves attached to the bed.

4.Colour The Ceiling

The ceiling is the place that we always saw while we lay. But we never give attention to the roof. Paint the canopy with light shaded colours, and this will lead to a feeling of relaxation. And also, providing ceiling light or stencil art is a better idea. Providing ceiling light makes the roof perfect and also helps to arrange the lighting in the room.

5.Selection Of Fabrics

Apart from the furniture and accessories, the luxurious linen gives an excellent added look to the bedroom. In the selection of linen, always bring fabrics that match the wall. Otherwise, it destroys the aesthetic appeal of the room. The clothing like bedsheets, table cloths, and floor mats should be selected lighter than the wall colour to make the bedroom more attractive. Use bed quilts, which is a 3-layered bed sheet that gives a luxurious look to the bedroom.

6.Cover The Windows

Cover the windows with solid coloured or designed curtains, which helps to frame the windows and views. The designs made to curtain make the room much more attractive, and the main advantage of the curtain is we can regulate the lighting at our convenience.

7.Arrange The Lightings

One of the relevant things in decoration is to set the luminance accurately and precisely. When the level of lighting is lesser or higher, it destroys the beauty of the bedroom. As I mentioned before, ceiling lighting is a good option, and spotlights are preferable for portraits on the wall.

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