Unique Urns for a Loved one’s Ashes

By Athena Nagel

In America, there has been a significant rise in the number of people choosing to be cremated. More than fifty percent of Americans opt for cremation these days. This is a growing trend in urban cities.

One of the factors affecting this decision is price. In populated urban areas, burial spaces come at a premium. Cremation, in comparison, is a more cost-effective alternative.

Another reason people prefer to cremate their loved ones is that it allows them to keep their loved ones with them in the form of ash inside an urn and take them along even if they move to a new city, state, or even country.

Unique Urns for a Loved one’s Ashes


Moreover, cremation allows you to give personalized tributes to your loved ones. You can keep the ashes in a customized, unique cremation urn forever. The urns can be customized to a great extent, and you can specifically choose the materials, shape, size, and type you want. Some of these customizations are:

  • Stained Glass Urn

This is a vintage type of design for urns. People use stained glass urns because they resemble a church’s stained glass windows. They are a beautiful and artistic way to store ashes. Most people opt for a vibrant flower design that reminds them of their loved ones. Moreover, Hilton Funeral Supply can serve you well in this regard.

  • Memorial Jewelry

You can cherish the memories of your loved ones by always keeping them close to you by getting a piece of customized diamond jewelry made with the deceased’s ashes.

If you have a strand of their hair or cremated remains, you can have them converted into a memorial diamond. The process takes a few months as the diamond needs to be artificially grown in a lab.

However, you can get the memorial diamond set on a necklace or a ring after waiting. You can even choose colors and cuts for your memorial diamond. People tend to choose the favorite colors of their loved ones.

  • Organic Urn

Organic urns are a sustainable option that is gaining popularity these days. It is an entirely biodegradable urn wherein you select a tree to plant in their memory with the urn itself to honor your loved one.

These urns are specially designed to store the cremated remains with special additives and seeds, so it grows into a huge tree.

  • Wall-mounted Plaque

Most urns are in the shape of a vessel that rests atop a shelf. In comparison, plaque urns are made of wood in a rectangular or square shape and are mounted on a wall.

These are unique cremation urns as plaques are highly customizable. If you opt for a brass plaque, you can even get a portrait etched of your loved one on the plaque and mount it on a wall.

  • Blown Glass Urn

Urns made of blown glass are relatively delicate compared to the other types of urns. These urns can be molded in many shapes. Many people get these urns in the form of an ocean wave.

They can be customized in several ways. You can choose the color and design of the glass. Also, some can even be made by infusing the ashes with the glass, making sure you never lose the ashes.

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