Salonpas – Pain Be Gone

The Struggle

I have had major arthritis for most of my life.  Little did I know that affliction was a precursor to so many other issues that I now struggle with.  But the real issue is the pain.  I occasionally take Tylenol, but I don’t often take oral NSAIDS because they tend to get me agitated and increase my blood pressure (which is otherwise normal).  I certainly don’t want to take any prescription pain medication – I still need to be functional, drive, work, etc.…

The Solution

How do I solve the problem?  With Salonpas®!  I have been a loyal user of Salonpas products since 2015.  Back then, I don’t remember finding their products in local stores, but now I definitely can – pretty much at every major store.  Before discovering Salonpas, the only relief I ever got was through prescription Lidocaine patches – but then they were no longer available – which led me to Salonpas.

Getting through my days can often be very difficult.  Tough to get the ole joints moving and constant aching.  Sleep was elusive at best.  Salonpas allows me to fall asleep comfortably without tossing and turning to find a position that doesn’t agitate my conditions.  And once I am up – I can keep moving all day.

Available on the Salonpas website as well as on Amazon

I truly love all of their products – after all, no one likes to be in pain.  At first, I fell in love with the patches – all of them.  They were perfect for my shoulders, back shins, and more.  They work for a huge portion of the day, and I can focus on whatever I need to.  Some days I choose hot patches, while others may choose a patch with lidocaine, etc.…

Available on the Salonpas website as well as on Amazon

Sometimes, however, I can’t use patches such as on my back or the deep pain of my shoulder.  If no one is available to help me put one on, I need to use one of the other Salonpas products.  Their other products include creams, roll-ons, and gels—something for every need, every pain level, and more. I can’t imagine my first aid kit without these products.  I keep myself stocked at home and in our RV – basically, I never leave home without it.

By putting the medicine right at the site of pain, bypassing the stomach and liver, Salonpas can use less medicine to deliver an effective dose. Try it, and we think you will agree that Salonpas offers powerful relief when and where you need it.

I have arthritis and quite a bit of metal in my legs. I have fractured so many bones in my body, and they are all sore when bad weather looms.  Right now, it is hurricane season, and the constant humidity makes the pain more than an inconvenience. A few months ago, I had surgery on my right shoulder, so I am sure recovering, and soon I will need surgery on my left shoulder.  Pain is something I live with every day – that doesn’t mean I have to not deal with it.

Available on the Salonpas website as well as on Amazon

Salonpas newest product is their arthritis pain relief gel with Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel 1%.   Diclofenac Sodium topical gel is indicated to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis of joints amenable to topical treatment according to the F.D.A., and it was a prescription but now has been released over the counter, at that same prescription strength, so thankfully, we can all access it.  It is safe to use for up to 21 days.  It is a clear, non-greasy, unscented gel that reduces inflammation and delivers relief right at the site of pain and retails for $19.99.

Available on the Salonpas website as well as on Amazon

I can pick some up locally at Stop and Shop, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Price Chopper, or Wal-Mart if I run out.  See where you can purchase it locally.

I received payment, product(s), or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

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