How To Speed Up Your Wireless Internet Connection

Several issues may arise when you have an internet connection. Issues like a small level of lag or buffer wait during online games or while streaming your favorite online content on your preferred streaming service. That being said, there needs to be a balance between an internet connection having a dip in quality one day and then coming back to its best the other, with downtime being as little as possible. These issues need to be sorted out, however, there are other elements that you may address so that you fix your internet connection.

Cox is a telecommunications brand that is widely regarded as having not only an exceptional internet performance but also a 24/7 available and free cox en español Servicio al cliente i.e. Cox Customer Service department. If you had a customer service department like Cox, then you could have figured out why your internet connection had been lagging so much and ways to improve that very connection.

However, we would be discussing exactly what you need to do to save time by fixing the issue yourself from your own house or household.

Changing the Position or Location of the Wireless Internet Equipment

Changing the location or placement of your wireless internet equipment might just be the solution that you are looking for to improve your internet connections performance. There are instances where an internet modem or internet router may have some object directly above or in front of them which would perhaps be blocking the signal strength from the internet modem and internet router.

Changing the Type, Location, or Model of Your Antenna

This is a very important step if you want to get back to using the fast-paced internet connection that you were once used to having. The antenna that is lodged on the top of your internet router may often be disconnected or removed slightly while cleaning or dusting. This may cause the internet connection to not work properly, hence we should have a quick check on whether the antennas on the internet modem are connected correctly or not.

Look at the Wired Connections, Plugs, and Power Cords

At times we see that the wires, connections, and power cords are not connected or inserted into the internet-enabled device adequately or properly. This means that you need to check all the connections, their wires, plugs, and power cords, to fix this loose connection as soon as possible.

Upgrading Your Internet Speed or Internet Plan

We have always stated that upgrading your internet download speed, internet upload speed, data caps or just the general internet connection should always be kept as a last option to use for the internet consumer. This means that if you do not have the extra amount of money in the bank, then we would advise against this move, but at the end of the day, if you feel that improving your internet service connection is an absolute necessity, and then you very well may just upgrade your internet connection.

Different Types of Internet Service Connections

  • Coaxial Cable Type of Internet Connection
  • Fiber Optic Type of Internet Connection
  • DSL Type of Internet Connection
  • Fixed Wireless Type of Internet Connection
  • Satellite Type of Internet Connection


In the article above we have seen that there are numerous other ways to help improve your wireless internet connection without having to place a call on the customer service number of your internet service provider.

We hope that you may be able to get the type of internet connection that you have always wanted, however, if you perform all of these tasks and still see that there is no improvement in the wireless internet connection, then perhaps it is time to upgrade you wireless internet equipment or wireless internet service provider.

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