How a Well-Designed Website Can Help You Get Sales
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How a Well-Designed Website Can Help You Get Sales

The first impression can either make or break your online business. As an entrepreneur, your primary goal should be to make a positive first impression on all new website visitors. With their attention, you can take the next step to promote your brand and convince them that your product or service can amicably solve their problems or meet their needs.

One sure way of achieving this goal is by investing in a professional website. Note that 75% of customer opinions on the credibility of a website are based on its design. Here are web design tips on how a well-designed website can help you get sales.

1.   Accessible via Mobile Devices

With millions of people using mobile devices to browse the web, you cannot afford a static website. Your website should be responsive, that is, capable of automatically adjust the size of the pages and elements to match the screen size of the devices used by potential customers.

The best Webdesigner Frankfurt have the skills and experience required to create a fully responsive design for your website. Be sure to test it on multiple mobile devices and browsers to be sure its fully functional before going live.

2.   Call-to-Actions (CTAs) Stand Out and Are Strategically Placed

CTA buttons help website visitors to know the next action they should take after landing on the homepage, service page, or landing page. The buttons need to be expertly designed and have the right colors to elicit positive emotions. More importantly, they should be strategically positioned on the pages to get a high click-through rate.

A well-designed website has stellar call-to-action buttons that match the potential customer intent of visiting the site. The designers often carry out A/B tests to know which buttons best suit the brand. Ideally, the buttons should pop off or stand out from the surrounding content to pique the customers’ attention and interest in your brand.

3.   High Ranking in SERPs

Nowadays, Google and other search engines are keen on providing the best user experience to searchers. The bots are more intelligent and capable of deciphering a website user experience and relevance to users based on metrics such as bounce rate and click-through rate.

Research shows that professionally designed websites are ranked highly in SERPs than their counterparts. Investing in a professional website design will enable you secure a spot on the first page of Google, thereby increasing your visibility online as well as organic traffic.

4.   Improved Load Time

Slow-loading websites result in $2.6 billion in lost revenue every year. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, the chances are that you are losing customers to your competitors whose sites load fast.

You can turn the tide in your favor by making sure that your website is not only expertly designed but also loads fast. More importantly, sites that load fast offer the best user experience, record low bounce rates, low shopping cart abandonment, and high conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed website is what you need to realize the full potential of your online business. Ensure that all its elements are optimized and resonate with the target audience to get the best results.



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