10 Shopping Tips to help you pick the Right Engagement Ring

“The best to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

Have you finally built up the courage to propose to your partner? Wow! The next move is to choose an engagement ring worthy of your partner in every way.  Gearing up for buying an engagement ring is an exciting and crazy prospect as many things go into picking the perfect ring.

When buying an engagement ring, you should make sure that it represents the lovely moments, bond, and love between you. Purchasing an engagement ring should be done after proper consideration as it is one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Are you planning to surprise your partner with an engagement right worthy of them and have no idea where to start? Then we are here for your help!

We know how overwhelming ring shopping can be, which is why you need to read all the tips mentioned below to ease your ring shopping experience.

Why are engagement rings important?

Other than being something that is just worn around the finger, engagement rings are a symbol of partners’ commitment to each other for eternity. Rings represent the promise of a lifelong commitment that includes sharing love, sorrow, and happiness with someone you are in love with. It also signifies that you are loyal, so people interested in you can back off. An engagement ring also publicly announces that you are soon going to marry each other and start living together.

1.     Set the budget

If you haven’t bought an engagement ring before, you must have heard about how expensive engagement rings can be and might even require 2 to 3 months of savings. You might also be aware of the current rate of rings in the market and an estimate of how a good engagement ring would cost.

Figure out what your financial plan is and how much you can spend on the engagement ring. Your budget will depend on how good your financial position is. You should know that the more money you spend, the better your engagement ring will be.

If you decide on budget beforehand, it will save you from financial anxiety when you go shopping.

2.     Consider the style

After setting the budget, the next step should be considering the ring style that your partner will love. Look at different jewelry pieces such as different shapes and designs, the ring’s cutting style, and the cutting quality.

Along with the style, think of what you would like to opt for? Do you think your partner will like white gold or diamond? Do they prefer a vintage design, something modern, or a minimalistic design that isn’t too heavy?

Another good idea is to take a peek at your partner’s jewelry to figure out what their taste is like in jewelry. Also, if you know what they like wearing, it could be helpful for picking the ring.

Antique rings are another excellent option. As the saying goes, they don’t make them like they used to and this is especially true of jewelry and engagement rings.

3.     Choose a metal band

Choosing a metal band for the engagement rings in Fort Worth is equally important as it affects the overall look of the ring. While white gold and platinum metal bands have been popular for years, you can also get a metal band in yellow gold, silver, or even the modern rose gold, which is popular these days.

Platinum metal bands are slightly expensive compared to silver as they are rare and have great density. While these materials are amazing and offer multiple benefits to the person who wears them, the final decision will depend upon your taste and preferences.

If you have a particular stone type or size in mind, then you could also choose a metal band according to that.

4.     Pick the carat size

Once you have picked out a suitable metal band that has a great look and density, the next task is to pick out the rock for the metal band. When picking out the carat size, you will have to keep the preference of your partner in mind. Some people prefer to wear a large stone while others like to stick a medium-sized or a small one.

Think to yourself what carat size your partner will like and what size will be too big for them, depending on how small or slim their ring finger is. If you have a limited budget, you could also pick a smaller carat size as it will save you a considerable amount of cash.

5.     Think of adding side stones

Once you have picked the main stone and carat size, will you consider adding side stones that will further enhance the look of the ring? Adding side stones is an amazing way to enhance the engagement ring and make it look even more aesthetic and appealing.

The most popular choices among people for side stones include small diamonds along the shank of the ring, different shaped diamonds on the sides of the rock, and colourful gems which bring out the central stone.

If you are unsure about what suits your ring the best, ask your jeweler for suggestions.

6.     Get an excellent and sparkly diamond

Along with the carat size and kind of stone you opt for, choosing a good and sparkly diamond is better. If you are already investing in an engagement ring worth thousands, wouldn’t you want it to be just perfect instead of looking dull or simple?

Look for a sparkly diamond cut and falls into the grade of an excellent or good diamond. An excellent cut diamond is very bright and has even patterns with good contrast between the light and dark areas. An excellent cut diamond is also very attractive, crisp, and well-balanced.

Similarly, a good-cut diamond has bright reflections but isn’t as sharp and pretty as a diamond with an excellent cut. The best way to pick the diamond you want is to visit a store and see the diamond yourself in person.

7.     Know the exact measurements

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is possible that you might forget about the measurement part in the excitement about finding a perfect ring. Make sure to pick a ring that fits exactly as it is and isn’t too loose or tight. If you get a tight ring, it might cut off the blood circulation or not even fit your fiancé during the photography session. You wouldn’t like to invest in a ring that barely fits, right?

If you are not shopping for the engagement ring together and it is a surprise for your loved one, take a sample ring with you or ask the jeweler for an adjustable ring, so you don’t face issues later.

8.     Look up some designs online

Deciding on an engagement ring can be challenging, especially if you have to go through multiple options. You should know what is trending and what your partner will genuinely love to make your pick the best.

Please go through some Google searches, search on Pinterest, and look up for newly-engaged influencers flaunting their engagement rings. Also, ask a close friend for their advice and opinion on the design because it doesn’t hurt to have more than one opinion, right?

9.     Decide on a jeweler

Is there a store you went to get a valentines gift? Or do you know a jeweler down the street who has a fantastic collection of engagement rings? As buying an engagement ring is a special occasion, you would like to choose a jeweler who is honest, good at their work, and delivers their promise on time.

Instead of opting for a random jeweler, go for someone with the correct skills and accordingly guide you. You wouldn’t like to purchase from someone who doesn’t strike the right deal or is persistent about you buying something that isn’t good enough.

10.  Don’t forget to ask for a certificate

When finally buying an engagement ring, don’t forget to ask the jeweler for a certificate to ensure that the diamond is authentic. Having a diamond certificate and report will put you at ease, and you will know that you are investing in something which has some worth.

Also, you will get to know about the diamond characteristics such as the colour, clarity, carat size, and cut quality. If you are purchasing a diamond for the first time, then a certificate will erase all doubts that you might have in mind.

Closing Note

Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be a stressful process if you know exactly your needs and requirements. If you follow the shopping tips mentioned above, we assure you that you will be able to find the ring of your dreams without falling into any trap or becoming the victim of fraud.

Only buy an engagement ring that you like and do not get pressured by the current trends of ring choosing. It is essential for you to select something authentic instead of blindly following the not-so-good trends.

We wish you a happy and blissful engagement and a happy married life in the future.

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