4 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

It’s happened to all of us. We flush the toilet, only for our waste not to go down or for it to come right back up. Sometimes, this is brought on by clogs that can be fixed quickly with your plunger. There are other times that perhaps something was dropped in the throne and just can’t be handled by your pipes or septic systems. Here are a few things to keep away from the toilet when you plan on disposing of them.

1.  Absorbent Products

absorbent products

You’ve probably walked into a public restroom where there was a sign stressing not to flush menstrual pads. That’s because these pads are absorbent, and do not break down in the water. These pads will actually expand as you flush, creating a significant clog that will back up your pipes. Plumbers anywhere, including plumbers in Fresno, stress not sending anything like pads, diapers, or baby wipes down the john because of expansion with absorption.

This will also include cotton-based products like Q-tips and cotton balls that will actually clump up from all of the water, creating a blockage. If you allow these items to start balling up in the drainage or in the septic system, it can lead to a gigantic problem that could cost a significant amount of money for a team of plumbers to repair.

2. Oil-Based Substances

Oil based products

One of the common items that homeowners are stressed not to flush is cooking grease. It congeals within the pipes to create a block, but this is true for anything with oil, including CBD products from Fab CBD. While these oils contain natural ingredients that are designed to help some users combat stress and certain aches and pains, they shouldn’t be sent down the toilet if you found you’ve squeezed too much into your dropper.

Coming from the hemp plant, this compound is becoming popular for some users after consultation with registered medical care products. These new products move beyond oils to more compostable use, such as edibles and gummies, or even balms and creams to potentially experience some of the benefits of CBD.

3. Pet products…and pets themselves.


We just mentioned not throwing CBD oils down the toilet, don’t throw Fido’s CBD dog treats down the toilet either. The truth is that as much as you love your pet, there are certain products for them that are not flushable. For example, kitty litter shouldn’t go down the pipes. Though some brands claim to be flushable, all the litter does is add more things to the toilet water that make it harder to purify.

Your cat’s waste should also not be sent down the toilet, because the litter dehydrates what Whiskers is leaving behind. Toilets are designed to flush water-soluble waste. Also, if you plan on sending the goldfish down the toilet after they pass, plumbers will encourage you to keep from a 21-Flush salute. Fish don’t break down in the water, and could actually lead to a clog.

4. Bleach


This may come as a surprise, but plumbing repair technicians actually recommend not flushing bleach down the toilet. Bleach is actually harsh on pipes and septic systems. While it may help to get those stains out of the porcelain, it could actually damage the bowl in the long run. That’s why some cleaners recommend opting for a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the throne.

This is actually a point of contention for some plumbing experts because others believe that bleach does little to no harm, especially the highest quality products that are designed for cleaning bathrooms. At the end of the day, if it’s brown, flush it down. Send the toilet paper with it, but not much else.


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  1. Lauryn R says:

    This is very helpful Information to know! I have never thought about cooking greese before, but I would never do that. I can see how it would cause a bad clog though.

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