A Guide to How Your Post-Event Survey Questionnaire Should Look Like

A Guide to How Your Post-Event Survey Questionnaire Should Look Like

The success of a virtual event hugely depends on audience satisfaction. So, how will you analyze the audience’s experience and determine if your online show was a hit or a flop?

Public events like fundraisers, store openings, product launches, job fairs, and online exhibitions reach a global network of participants. However, it isn’t easy to get a personal response from each attendee and understand their opinions.

Asking the right post event survey questions will help you gather their feedback and work towards improving your future trade shows.

The following sample questions can be added to a post-event survey questionnaire to make the event more interactive.

A Guide to How Your Post-Event Survey Questionnaire Should Look Like

What Did you Enjoy the Most in the Event?

It is a qualitative question with a comment box designed for a long answer. A particular visitor will have the freedom to answer their personal experience and give their opinions.

You can understand which part or activity they liked the most. It helps to understand user behavior and target the audience based on their preferences.

You can send such questions via email, social media accounts, and mobile apps.

What Part Could be Improvised According to Your Experience?

You must be open to negative remarks to optimize end-user needs. According to a survey of 120 senior event planners in the United States and the United Kingdom conducted by Eventsforce, most event planners collect post-event data to calculate their return on investment.

If the audience is not satisfied with a particular session or a speaker, they can give feedback. It helps in better planning for the future.

Would you please Rate the Support Team?

It is one of the most crucial post-event survey questions. The support team in an event plays a vital role in attending to visitors’ needs. They help them browse through the website and answer their technical queries during the event.

Did you Accomplish your Goals? Are you Satisfied with the Outcome?

It is a binary question. There will be a tick box with yes or no as the answer. If the event’s purpose were up to their expectations, they would click yes.

A small textbox asking what more they expect will pop up if they click no. It will help you know where you are lacking as an event organizer.

Did you Enjoy the Virtual Event Platform?

As more and more digital trade shows are deploying new technology, the demand for online shows is increasing. While it offers the audience interactive tools like videos, slideshows, and dynamic polls, it is essential to understand the experience of your visitors.

You can analyze if the digital platform was worth the investment and use advanced versions for future shows.

Will You Recommend the Show to your Contacts?

A satisfied attendee will create brand awareness by word-of-mouth. It is one of many organizations’ cheapest yet effective marketing strategies.

Once a positive outlook is built among a broader population, you can attract potential customers towards your brand and its products. It helps in maximizing sales and making profits in the future.

Will You Attend Our Future Events?

This question is essential for client retention. If a participant thoroughly enjoyed your trade fair, the probability of signing up for future shows is relatively higher.

You can offer signup bonuses for membership plans and work towards lead conversion.

Final Thoughts

It is advisable to keep your survey questions crisp and short. A lengthy survey form is boring to fill out. You may not get many responses.

Your feedback questionnaire should be a balanced mixture of quantitative and qualitative questions. The user response helps validate client choices, calculate the return on investment, and improvise marketing campaigns for future events.


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