Information and Options for Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Many people are concerned about how their funerals are going to be handled, and this is where cremation services are becoming popular nowadays. Research and forecasts anticipate that more than 60% of people in the US alone will choose cremation in 2023 as part of their final disposition.

A significant factor that affects many people’s decisions is the increasing costs and population of in-ground burials. Aside from these, many cultures and religions are now open and accepting of cremation in a crematorium as individuals are now less tied to a single place. However, even if you see everyone getting cremated, making a choice may not be easy, and this decision needs much thought. You need to consider your religious and cultural views and finances before choosing this funeral home service as a way to go.

Cremation services

Various Options are Available

A common misconception is that when you’re choosing cremation, you won’t have families around you, such as with traditional funerals and coffins. However, this is not true, as you’ll have memorialization services for your loved ones to say goodbye and honor the one being cremated. Some of these options are:

  • There’s a funeral with a viewing, then afterward, the body will then be set on fire in a chamber
  • Funerals with no viewing and the burning will be held afterward
  • Traditional memorial service follows with the interment of the deceased’s ashes
  • Services that are done on an outside venue
  • Scattering of ashes at a particular location that has held a lot of meaning to the deceased

Advanced planning should take place with so many options out there. It’s best to prepare for the costs since viewing will mean embalming the body, and a casket is required to hold it afterward. The point is that when you choose cremation, there are many options for the services you would like to have.

If your loved ones are unaware of your wishes, they might decide not to include your preferences. Talking with them about what you want and doing the pre-planning will help relieve this burden to your family, and they will know what to do when the time comes. Read more about planning things before you die on this page here.

Deciding if this is the Best Way for You

Know that you’re the only one to decide what you want to do with your body when you pass away. Some decisions may depend on the current financial standing of the family and the cultural practices in your community. Remember that there’s no right and wrong way, but it’s still best to consult with everyone else in the family for more advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Your Religion Take When it Comes to Cremation?

Most individuals make decisions based on their faith and family’s advice. Not all religions in the world approve of burning, and the sects and denominations can vary widely.

Others are fine with the process, but some religions forbid this and consider this a sin. Some sects leave the decision to the person, and it’s up to the individual to decide how they would go.

You might want to explore your options and know if these services are best for you. Ask and research your religion’s stance on this topic. Consult a priest, pastor, or spiritual mentor for more in-depth knowledge.

Will Costs be a Factor to your Decision?

It’s known that cremation is costlier compared to traditional in-ground burial services. Get prices from various funeral parlors and see if they have a memorial ceremony in their packages. Prices can vary from one state to another. Even in your locality, the entire price package will still depend on your provider, so it really pays to shop around. Choose a portfolio and complete packages of services you want, and make sure to allocate accordingly.

Are You Comfortable with your Choice?

Know that in-ground burial and burning are involved in some processes that require working on the body. The cremation usually requires heat, and burial means that the body decomposes. The former can take up to three hours to complete.

Know that the process involves intense heat, open flames, and evaporation. Cremation usually occurs in a chamber or specially designed furnace; some will require caskets and containers for the body.

The remains are called ashes, but in reality, these are the remaining bone fragments of the deceased. Understanding that the body’s remains may be com-mingled with other incineration by-products is vital. Become more familiar with the process by reading this post:

The ashes can vary from three to nine pounds, and the exact amount will depend on the deceased’s size. The ashes can be buried or scattered, while some families may decide to keep them inside the urn. Other cemeteries may provide you with plots for interring the cremated remains, which the family can visit whenever they want.

Cremation Services

Basic Steps Involved

  1. The deceased’s body is identified, and the operator obtains the proper authorization to proceed with the cremation.
  2. There’s a preparation involved where the body is placed in its proper container.
  3. These containers are then moved into a chamber or retort.
  4. Afterward, the remaining metal will remain, and the grounded remains will be given to the family.
  5. Usually, these ashes are transferred into an urn or a temporary container that the family provides.

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